Pawsome Costumes for Pets and Their Two-Legged Friends

by |May 30, 2018
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Pet Costumes For Humans

For some, Halloween is their favorite holiday. Dressing up in ridiculous costumes, along with annihilating your teeth with sugar-blasted sweets, can be a great time, but why should our pets have to miss out on the fun? Below, we've put together a list of some of our favorite pet-themed costumes, along with costume for pets. So whether you want to dress up as your pet or your pet wants to dress up as you, we've got costumes for both occasions. If you want to celebrate as a duo, we've got matching costumes for you two as well. Are you ready to take on our pawsome costumes? Read on!

CostumeS for Your pet

Pet Halloween Costumes

Chiquita Banana Dog Costume      UPS Delivery Dog Costume      Camel Dog Costume     Despicable Me Minion Dog Costume

Does your four-legged-friend love the waddling, banana-obsessed minions from Despicable Me? They lucked out because we have some of the best dog costumes, including a minion costume for them to eat all the bananas in. Were you one of those dog owners with too much time on their hands (kidding) who taught them how to bring you things like a beer? Or the mail? If so, the UPS delivery dog costume may be the perfect costume for your pet. From exotic animals, to healthy (and unhealthy) foods, to famous movie characters, your pups have a nice selection to choose from. You can check out all of our dog costumes here.

matching pet & owner Costumes

Matching Pet and Owner Costumes

Luke Skywalker CostumeWicked Witch CostumeWonder Woman CostumeWhere's Waldo Costume
Yoda Dog CostumeGlinda Dog CostumeWonder Woman
Dog Costume
Where's Waldo Dog Costume

It's both nauseating and adorable when couples on Instagram dress up in matching costumes, so blow your Instagram competition out of the water by showing off your matching dog and owner Halloween costumes. Don't worry about the size because we have small dog costumes up through large dog costumes. We teach our dogs new tricks and how to behave, but we often forget they teach us a good amount of life lessons. In a sense, we are the Luke Skywalker to their Yoda. If you didn't know Star Wars dog costumes existed, now you do, and let's be's going to be hard not to buy them all. Get creative and come up with costumes that compliment each other, including the Wicked Witch and Glinda combo. Another fun idea for pet owners and their pets are twinning costumes. We have a ton of funny dog Halloween costumes for you too choose from and for most of them, we have a matching costume for you as well. From Wonder Woman, to Where's Waldo, to Game of Thrones, we've got quite the selection for you two to pick from.

Famous Pets Costumes

Famous Pets Halloween Costumes

Garfield Costume        Scooby-Doo Costume        Pluto Costume     Clifford the Big Red Dog Costume

We're going to transition into a completely different concept: pet costumes for humans. Why dress up as a sexy nurse or a sexy pirate, when you can dress up in one of our famous pet Halloween costumes? As most of us know, Garfield is all about stuffing his face with copious amounts of lasanga, making this costume a great choice for all of the foodies out there. If you have a more playful and outgoing personality, or if you're easily scared, the Scooby-Doo costume would be perfect for you. Did you ever wish you could have a giant,
25-foot-tall dog growing up? Let's be honest with ourselves, who didn't? While we can't send you one of these dogs, we can dress you up as one! Our Clifford the Big Red Dog costume is big, red, and comfy, making it an excellent costume for those chilly October nights. We couldn't forget Disney dog costumes. Pluto is a favorite in the Disneyverse and now you can dress up as him with this extremely cozy pajama costume.

Pet costumes for children

Dog Costumes for Child

Black Dog Toddler Costume          Dalmatian Toddler Costume        Siamese Child Costume           Garfield Toddler Costume

Has your child ever asked if they can get a pet, but your family just isn't ready to take on the responsibility because you know darn right you'll have to do all of the dirty work all of the work? Why not settle for a compromise by letting them dress up as one? We carry cat and dog costumes for toddlers, as well as for children. We also have multiple breeds for dog and cat costumes, so your children can have options when letting their four-legged-yearnings out of their systems. Is your child still not convinced? Let them dress their baby brother/sister up in one of our baby pet costumes, which you can find here. If they love the idea, use this opportunity to sneak in a devious comment by letting them know if they opt for this idea, they'll have to help out by feeding them and cleaning up their poop. After all, that's the only way they can prepare for a real pet...right?

So whether you're dressing your dog up, yourself up, or your somepawdy else up (was that a stretch?), we want to see! Take pics, so you can cherish them for pawternity and please don't forget to tag us on Instagram (@funcostumes), so we can see all of your pawsome pics. 

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