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Abby Bartels is a senior member of the graphic design team at She considers herself a crafty son-of-a-gun, Broadway fan wannabe, and likes sports. She is also fluent in sarcasm, just ask her.

Bewitching Blockbuster Hits [Infographic]

by |April 25, 2016
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Categories: Horror, Infographics

Bewitching Blockbuster Hits

You don't need to be under a spell in order to enjoy a witch movie. It's just something about witches, whether it be their pointy black hats or their magical power prowess, that make them enchanting to watch on the big screen. Plus, there's witch movies for people of all ages! Kids, teens, and adults all love seeing a wickedly captivating movie involving spellbinding sorcerers, so it's no surprise that the Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia franchises are the top two grossing witch movies of all time. Of course, there's also a ton of terrifying necromancer movies that easily conjure fear. Fans of the horror genre can agree that The Blair Witch Project is one of the most frightening horror movies ever made. It also spawned a found footage horror movie craze that would scare millions over the next two decades. Whether you're a fan of wacky witch movies like Hocus Pocus and Teen Witch or you enjoy being spooked by scary movies centered around eerie Wiccan ways, you'll enjoy checking out this Bewitching Blockbuster Hits infographic. We've compiled the top money-making witch movies so check the list to make sure that you've seen them all. If you haven't, you better put down your broomstick and reach for the remote because you have some serious witchcraft to watch. Prepare to be...

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Cinema Santa: The Best of Old St. Nick on Film [Infographic]

by |December 21, 2015
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Categories: Holidays, Infographics

The Evolution of Santa in Movies Infographic


Christmas time is here once again, and if you’re a good little boy or girl, you’ve already got everyone on your list exactly what they wanted. Now that all the shopping is done, do you just kick back unentertained, drinking copious amounts of egg nog in silence? No… you spend the rest of December watching Christmas movies, of course!

Santa has always been a significant part of almost any Christmas movie: he has a specific concept of good and evil, he always prefers faith over skepticism, and he can even be duplicitous—is he out to help us or is he out for himself? The best Santa movies have these kinds of themes that get to the heart of our holiday mythos. On the other side of the [chocolate] coin, there are the Santa movies where he goes to Mars or he gets his sleigh stuck in the sandy beaches of Florida. No matter which type of Christmas film you prefer, we think you’ll enjoy this chronological look at Santa Claus’ cinematic exploits in this very merry infographic.


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Printable Mario Kart Costumes for Gourds & Miniature Pumpkins

by |October 28, 2015
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Printable Mario Kart Gourd Costumes


If you're anything like us, you've gone out of your gourd over Mario Kart 8. You've probably spent hours trying to think of the best racing strategies. Heck, you've probably even dropped “best Mario Kart combination” in your search bar while at work (we do that all the time). It just seems natural to bring the Nintendo crew in for some Halloween decor and we're here to help...

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7 Horror Movie Inspired Skater Dresses

by |October 20, 2015
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Categories: Horror

Horror Movie Skater Dresses


We'd say that horror and beauty go together pretty easily after seeing these skater dresses that our graphic design department created. Inspired by classic horror films from vintage Hollywood, we made seven mock-ups of dresses that we’d LOVE to see become reality! Wouldn’t you like to wear an outfit featuring the very first zombie shown in Night of the Living Dead? Or maybe...

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3 Gotham City Sirens Minimalist Posters

by |June 17, 2015
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Categories: Superheroes



In Greek mythology, sirens lure unwitting sailors to shipwreck through their beautiful singing. With a captivatingly deadly mix of danger and beauty, it’s no wonder comic book writer Paul Dini carried that mythology into the 2009 comic series Gotham City Sirens. Following the paths of an infamous fearsome threesome - Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn - it not only showcases...

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12 Disney Beer Labels [Printables]

by |May 19, 2015
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 Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away (the office), we spent one not-out-of-the-ordinary day at work listening to our favorite Disney fairytales while checking out our Disney costumes, and our minds soon wandered off into a land of dreams and uh…beer! What if some of the most classic Disney stories had their own beers?? What would they be called? What...

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