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by |May 19, 2015
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 Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away (the HalloweenCostumes.com office), we spent one not-out-of-the-ordinary day at work listening to our favorite Disney fairytales while checking out our Disney costumes, and our minds soon wandered off into a land of dreams and uh…beer! What if some of the most classic Disney stories had their own beers?? What would they be called? What style of beer would they be? Most importantly, how would they taste? Charming, obviously. We couldn’t actually brew our own Disney beer (SORRY!), but we did decide to take pretending to the next level and come up with fun names and designs for this hypothetical situation. Here are 12 FREE printable beer labels for you to Disney-fy your weekend 12 pack! 

Beer Label Disney Printables 

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1. Bibbity Hoppity Brew

“It’s 12 O’Clock Somewhere”

Bibbity Hoppity Brew.jpg[Click Image for Printable]


After a hard day’s work there is nothing better than cracking open a cold one. When the clock strikes midnight, it will be time for another dose of magic, bibbity hoppity brew!



2. 7 Cider

“Get Dopey”

7 Cider.jpg[Click Image for Printable]


Grab your seven friends and circle around to enjoy the most delicious apple (sans poison) cider in the land. The magic mirror may not be your friend in the morning, but luckily your prince won’t mind.



3. Awoken

“It’s Maleficent Magnificent”

Awoken.jpg[Click Image for Printable]


Just like true love’s first kiss, this Once Upon a Cream stout is even better than you could have dreamed. This beer is perfect for avoiding the pricks (of a spinning wheel) or searching for your own true love.



4. Tick Tock

“Are You Hooked?”

Tick Tock.jpg[Click Image for Printable]


Thinking happy thoughts has never been so easy. What’s your happy thought? Neverland, the Lost Boys, a hungry crocodile? See, life is better than you Tink! Get it?!



5. Growler

“Ale as Old as Time”

[Click Image for Printable]


Be our guest, be our guest, get your worries off your chest. Now if you’re stressed, it’s a Growler we suggest. Put your skills to the test, ale with age is the best. BE OUR GUEST! Don't lie, you totally sang that!



6. Beer Necessities

“Mother Nature’s Recipe”

Beer Necessities.jpg[Click Image for Printable]


When you want to forget about your worries and your strife, try the simple Beer Necessities. Don’t worry: “things will look better in the morning!”



7. Circle of Suds

“Hakuna Matata”

Circle Of Suds.jpg [Click Image for Printable]


“It means no worries for the rest of your days. It’s our problem free philosophy.”  The pride of Pride Rock lies in the Circle of Suds. Now, all we have to figure out is where exactly Pride Rock is located, and how soon we can move there!



8. Street Rat Stout

“A Diamond in the Rough”

Street Rat Stout.jpg[Click Image for Printable]


Drink it like you stole it! No, seriously, it’s THAT good. (Or so we imagine!) Magic carpet rides, a beautiful princess, a cute monkey, or a beer? When did you last let your heart decide?



9. No Strings Attached

“Jiminy Crickets, That’s Good”

No Strings Attached.jpg[Click Image for Printable]


When you want another, let your conscience be your guide. The answer is ALWAYS yes! This wooden wheat lager goes down so smooth that you’ll have a whale of a time.



10. Looking Glass Lager

“Drink Me”

Looking Glass Lager.jpg[Click Image for Printable]


It’s entirely bonkers! But, we’ll let you in on a little secret. All the best beers are! So for your next important date, take a journey through the looking glass and know you aren’t alone because we’re all mad here, too!



11. Hair of the Dog

“Hits the Spot”

Hair Of The Dog.jpg[Click Image for Printable]


Perfectly named, this beer will be the best solution to the cruella night that preceded. When that headache just won’t go away, this tasty draft will help you FUR-get!



12. Dingle Hopper

“Life is the Bubbles”

Dingle Hopper.jpg[Click Image for Printable]


Look at this beer. Isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think this collection is complete? This brew is so good it will leave you speechless, so drink it up before it grows legs and walks away!


Would you drink any of these Disney brews? Which one is your favorite? Do you have any to add? Let us know in the comments below. Also, while we are hooked on pretending, take this game to the next level and drink these beers in one of our Disney Halloween costumes. You’ll be the fairest of them all!

Design Credit: Abby Bartels

Leigh Wendinger
Leigh Wendinger

Leigh is HalloweenCostumes.com’s Inbound Marketing Manager and a lover of all things fun and adorable, specifically Minions and puppies. (They're tied for first.) For Halloween this year, she plans to recreate Kristin Wiig's Saturday Night Live character, Dooneese. She realizes this will involve sacrificing a few dolls, but is willing to do whatever it takes to win costume contests. Is that baaaaaddddd?

Abby Bartels
Abby Bartels

Abby Bartels is a senior member of the graphic design team at HalloweenCostumes.com. She considers herself a crafty son-of-a-gun, Broadway fan wannabe, and likes sports. She is also fluent in sarcasm, just ask her.

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