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Ross Hewett-Smith is the Public Relations Specialist at, where he gets coverage on national entertainment media like Good Morning America, Cosmopolitan, and People. He has also been interviewed by a variety of world news outlets.

His past costumes include a genderbent Ariana Grande, a zombie cop, and a Beanie Baby. He enjoys making music and pampering his dog, Miley, while dressing her in dog costumes now and then. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram at @rosswalkersmith.

These St. Patrick's Day Costumes and Apparel Are the Key to Finding Gold [Costume Guide]

by |March 5, 2021

These St. Patrick's Day Costumes and Apparel Are the Key to Finding Gold

You won't need a four-leaf clover to feel lucky this St. Patrick's Day. You'll have the luck of the Irish on your side as long as you're wearing green. That sounds like a win/win to us! We have green costumes, apparel, and accessories to suit everyone's style. From fancy emerald flapper costumes to comfy leprechaun costumes, you'll find something to enhance your St. Paddy's Day experience. Whether you decide to go out to a pub or stay in and eat scrumptious Irish soda bread, this St. Patrick's Day will be one you'll always remember!


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Pawsome Dog Costumes for Halloween [Costume Guide]

by |September 17, 2020
Categories: Costume Guides

Pawsome Dog Costumes for Halloween

For many people, Halloween is a family affair. And pets are generally considered to be part of the family! Putting your dog in a costume used to be considered ridiculous, but people are starting to embrace pets in costumes. (It's hard to deny that dogs in costumes are really cute!) Whether you want to get a dog costume for Halloween or for another annual event, there are so many choices and styles to consider. Do you want a cosplay dog costume? What about a silly dog costume? Keep reading to find the best pet costume for you and your furry friend!


Continue Reading... Answers All Your Questions About Halloween [FAQ]

by |October 25, 2019

Halloween Q&A

Halloween. It's the time of year when monsters and spirits come out of hiding to haunt the world of the living. The night of the 31st is packed with frightful delight as children go door-to-door in costume, asking for tricks and treats while their parents watch from afar. It's our favorite spooky, ooky, kooky time of the year!


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Sinister Disney Villains Cocktail and Mocktail Recipes to Quench the Wickedness in You

by |October 14, 2019

Disney Villains Cocktail & Mocktail Recipes

Disney villains...what would our princesses and protaganists be without them? After all, Aladdin and Jasmine wouldn't be able to save the day if not for the dark and mischevious Jafar. All that villainy takes a lot of energy and we know there has to be a way for our favorite villains to relax after a hard day's work. Maybe they all go home and binge-watch their favorite crime shows or maybe they just head straight for their bed. We like to think they gather at a pub and share stories of their failed conquests over refreshing drinks and hearty appetizers. Ursula is always cackling at the corner of the bar with a Sea Witch's Brew in hand and Hades tends to end his night passed out in a booth with a table-full of Blue Lagoons. We contacted the bar owner to find out the recipes for you and your friends so you can get a taste of what being a villain is like. Keep reading to find your favorite below!


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6 Menacing Halloween Party Invitations for Horror Movie Fans [Printables]

by |October 7, 2019
designed by

Horror Printable Halloween Party Invites Header

Pumpkins are glowing throughout your neighborhood, fallen leaves cover the path on your way home from work, and the air is just at the right temperature where a coat is optional but not necessary. It's Halloween, baby! The spookiest time of the year calls for an all-out ghoulish foolish mash. Whether you're looking to have your family over for some light-scary fun or have your friends for a gory good time, we've put together printable Halloween party invitations to save you some time! Featuring characters from iconic horror movies to get you and your invitees in the spirit, we're sure these invites will bring the spook to their mailboxes. Run to your nearest speaker, throw on Bobby Pickett's "Monster Mash" and let's get to it!


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2019 'Halloween in America Survey' Results [Infographic]

by |September 9, 2019
Categories: Infographics, Resource

2019 'Halloween in America Survey'

Update: our 2020 Halloween in America Survey is now live!

With October less than a month away, interest in Halloween is rising. Retail stores have already begun stocking Halloween decorations and candy, and people are starting to put up their ghoulish decorations. We surveyed 2,012 respondents to reveal how the United States celebrates the spooky holiday so you can have an...

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