2019 Halloween in America Survey Results [Infographic]

by |September 9, 2019
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2019 'Halloween in America Survey'

Update: our 2020 Halloween in America Survey is now live!

With October less than a month away, interest in Halloween is rising. Retail stores have already begun stocking Halloween decorations and candy, and people are starting to put up their ghoulish decorations. We surveyed 2,012 respondents to reveal how the United States celebrates the spooky holiday so you can have an idea of how to prepare for your Halloween this year.


The study was conducted for HalloweenCostumes.com through Google Surveys. The survey interviewed 2,012 U.S. adults over the age of 18 between June 25-27, 2019. Complete findings of the survey are available upon request.

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2019 'Halloween in America Survey' Results

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To counter the lack of plus-size costume offerings available, our CEO Tom Fallenstein says offering the most sizes in the industry is one of the main focuses of the online Halloween retailer.

"We focus on full-family offerings, as well as having costumes for every size," Fallenstein said. "We have 300% more plus-size costumes than our top competitor, with over 900 styles to choose from. We also carry sizes up to 8x, which no one else in the industry offers."

Another top priority for us is offering age-appropriate costumes, as well as including girls' versions of costumes that are typically only available for boys.

"Age-appropriate costumes have been a real focus over the last few years," Fallenstein said. "For our girls' costumes, we are moving towards having more full-pant options available versus the skirt-only styles for girls. Along with that, making sure classic costumes that are usually targeted towards boys such as police officers, knights, astronauts, and firefighters, are available in girls' versions as well."

2019 Halloween Survey Findings

  • When asked "at what age do you believe kids should be able to trick or treat by themselves?", 34% of adults surveyed believe that kids between ages 11-12 should be able to trick-or-treat by themselves.
  • When asked "how much money do you spend on Halloween decorations per calendar year?", 76% of adults surveyed spend around $0-49 on Halloween decorations each year.
  • When asked "how much money do you spend on Halloween costumes each year?", 75% of adults surveyed spend around $0-49 on Halloween costumes each year.
  • When asked "would you dress up your pet in a costume for Halloween?", 1 in 3 pet owners said they would dress their pet in a costume for Halloween.
  • When asked "what time of the year do you begin decorating for Halloween?", 40% of adults surveyed begin decorating for Halloween during the second half of October.
  • When asked "would you feel comfortable wearing a revealing costume to a Halloween work event?", 1 in 7 adults said they would feel comfortable wearing a sexy costume to a Halloween work event.
  • When asked "if you go trick-or-treating, what is your drink of choice?", 1 in 4 adults surveyed said alcohol is their beverage of choice when trick-or-treating.
  • When asked "how often do you re-wear a costume in a year before discarding it?", nearly 40% of adults surveyed said they will only wear a costume once and not keep it for reuse.
  • When asked "do you believe girls between the ages of 10 and 13 have enough age-appropriate costumes to select from?", over 50% of adults surveyed said there are not enough age-appropriate costumes for girls between the ages of 10 and 13.
  • When asked "when shopping for Halloween costumes, do you feel there are enough plus-size options?", nearly 70% of adults surveyed believe there are not enough plus-size costume options available for consumers.

Do you agree or disagree with the results? Let us know in the comments below.

Infographic Designed by Katelyn Schaaf

Ross Hewett-Smith
Ross Hewett-Smith

Ross Hewett-Smith is the Public Relations Specialist at HalloweenCostumes.com, where he gets coverage on national entertainment media like Good Morning America, Cosmopolitan, and People. He has also been interviewed by a variety of world news outlets.

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