These St. Patrick's Day Costumes and Apparel Are the Key to Finding Gold [Costume Guide]

by |February 23, 2024

These St. Patrick's Day Costumes and Apparel Are the Key to Finding Gold

You won't need a four-leaf clover to feel lucky this St. Patrick's Day. You'll have the luck of the Irish on your side as long as you're wearing green. That sounds like a win/win to us! We have green costumes, apparel, and accessories to suit everyone's style. From fancy emerald flapper costumes to comfy leprechaun costumes, you'll find something to enhance your St. Paddy's Day experience. Whether you decide to go out to a pub or stay in and eat scrumptious Irish soda bread, this St. Patrick's Day will be one you'll always remember!


Men's St. Patrick's Day Costumes

St. Patrick's Day Costumes for Men

Men's Gold and Green Leprechaun CostumeMen's Leprechaun CostumeMen's Saint Patrick CostumeLeprechaun Mascot Costume
Inflatable Pot of Gold CostumeBeer Bottle CostumeLeprechaun Piggyback Adult CostumePot of Gold Costume

Are you marching in a parade or heading to a St. Patrick's Day party? If so, you're going to need a solid themed costume! Leprechaun costumes are an easy way to get in the spirit while still looking sharp. If you want to go with a more comical look, we have plenty of St. Patrick's Day funny costumes as well. If you dress up as the green beer bottle or piggyback leprechaun, we're almost positive everyone will want to take a picture with you. But again, if you're looking to stay more subtle, a classic leprechaun costume is always a good choice.


Women's St. Patrick's Day Costumes

St. Patrick's Day Costumes for Women

Women's Charming Leprechaun CostumePlus Size Sexy Lucky Charm CostumePlus Size Charming LeprechaunLucky Beer Girl Costume
Sequin & Fringe Green Flapper CostumeAdult Rainbow CostumeWomen's Solid Gold Mock Neck Jumpsuit CostumeSexy St. Patrick's Day Costume for Women

In need of St. Patrick's Day costume ideas that aren't a leprechaun? If you're going to celebrate as a couple, you could dress as a rainbow and pot of gold (or wear a gold bodysuit). Take your outfit to the next level by wearing the green flapper dress costume, it's the perfect way to dress a little bit more classy while still showing off your Irish pride! Otherwise, if you're looking for women's Leprechaun costumes, we have a range of styles to suit your preferences.


Kids St. Patrick's Day Costumes

St. Patrick's Day Costumes for Kids

Child Leprechaun CostumeGirls' Charming LeprechaunBaby Leprechaun CostumeRoyal Rainbow Dress
Kids' Good Luck Bear CostumeToddler Leprechaun CostumeGreen Garden Fairy CostumeClassic Kids' Leprechaun

Celebrating St. Paddy's Day with family? Kids can still get in on the fun of St. Patrick's Day with our kids' costumes. Our infant leprechaun costume is absolutely the cutest St. Patrick's Day baby girl outfit. But don't worry if you have kids of other ages, we have other leprechaun costumes in sizes for toddlers and kids as well. Care to get a bit mystical? The girls' Garden Fairy costume is perfect for parades and parties. Pick up the matching shoes to bring the magic to life! Another option is to have the parents dress up as leprechauns and the kids dress up as rainbows and pots of gold!


St. Patrick's Day Apparel

St. Patrick's Day Apparel

Shamrock BlazerAdult Green SuitBeer Button-Up ShirtShamrock Tights
Good Luck Bear SweaterShamrock Button-Up ShirtSt. Patrick's Day SweaterShamrock Sweater

Sure, costumes are fun but what if you want to go a different route? It's time to suit up! We have a wide variety of St. Patrick's Day apparel available for men and women, whether you're looking to get sassy or classy (or both). Our green suit comes with the jacket, pants and two bow ties so you can make everyone else green with envy. For the ladies, we have some fun St. Paddy's Day-themed sweaters and tights. If you're looking to layer up, you can go all out and add a green tutu to your attire!


Unusual St. Patrick's Day Costumes

Unusual St. Patrick's Day Costumes

Green Celtic Dress CostumeRainbow Pet CostumeGreen Crayon CostumeHeadless Horseman Costume
Good Luck Bear CostumePlus Size Garden FairyShamrock PastiesAdult Gnome Costume

There are a ton of interesting tales that come from Ireland that can inspire you. The story says that St. Patrick used his golden Croizer staff that grew into an epic tree and eventually chased away the snakes from Ireland. (So, why not bring them back for the celebration in a snake costume!?) Spirits of luck come in all shapes and sizes, including iconic sprites, talking animals, caring bears, and suits with a smirk, too. All sorts of interesting spirits and fairy creatures would be happy to join in the fun. You've got the creepy Dulahan, a warrior that fights without its head, and the adorable gnome who loves to play pranks, too! Expand your St. Patrick's Day celebrations by bringing in something unexpected this year.


St. Patrick's Day Accessories

St. Patrick's Day Accessories

Leprechaun HatShamrock GlassesPot of Gold PurseKelly Green Tights
Clover GlassesWavy Green WigShamrock PurseBeer Glasses

Now that we have your costumes and apparel down, it's time to break out the accessories! Get extra festive by adding some green hair spray to your do. If you want to go all out and add face makeup, we have that as well. For less invasive accessories, throw on a green boa, suspenders, and/or a top hat—a perfect St. Patrick's Day hat! Not only are these accessories great for dressing up your outfit, but they also make for great DIY photobooth accessories as well.


Delicious Recipes for St. Patrick's Day

Modern St. Patrick's Day has a bit of a...rep-beer-tation, shall we say? Since that aspect of the holiday gets plenty of press, we thought we'd explore some other traditions of the yummy variety. We fused the classic and the modern, creating traditionally inspired Irish recipes, including ones that are gluten-free and paleo-friendly. And let's not pass on some yummy desserts!


Traditional St. Patrick's Day Recipes

Traditional St. Patrick's Day Recipes

Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage RecipeIrish Colcannon with Bacon RecipePaleo Colcannon Fauxtatoes with Bacon RecipeIrish Soda Bread Recipe

Contrary to modern notions, corned beef and cabbage is not actually a“traditional” Irish recipe. Corned beef was first discovered by Irish-American immigrants in New York’s Jewish delis. The inexpensive and salty meat paired with cabbage was a tasty and thrifty alternative to the more traditional Irish meals of pork and potatoes. More of a modern tradition, it's still a tasty way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! On the other hand, colcannon is a delicious Irish dish made with foods found in a typical country garden: potatoes, cabbage or kale, and milk. Modern variation include scallions, leaks, and onions or chives (shh, we've also added bacon to our recipe!). And, let's not forget about everyone's favorite—Irish soda bread! Better known as wheaten bread in Ireland, this quick bread became a staple because it uses very few, and extremely affordable ingredients.


Yummy St. Patrick's Day Treats

More St. Patrick's Day Recipes

Gluten-Free Irish Soda Bread RecipeBailey's Irish Caramel Buttercream Frosting RecipeGuinness Chocolate Cupcakes RecipeGluten-Free Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe

Guinness chocolate cake has become a modern tradition that many people delight in participating in. What could be a more delicious flavor combination than rich chocolate and the deep, earthiness of an Irish stout, topped off with a buttercream frosting infused with Bailey’s caramel liqueur? Adding the Guinness makes for a deliciously moist and dark chocolate cake.


St. Patrick's Day Drink Recipes

St. Patrick's Day Drink Recipes

Guinness Ginger AleIrish Trash CanIrish GoldFrozen Leprechaun Float

All St. Patrick's Day Drink Recipes

We know that we said that St. Patrick's Day feels like it's all about the drinks sometimes, but with drink recipes like these, could you blame people? Whether you're a stickler for Guinness or you want to down a few green beverages, we have some tasty St. Patrick's Day drink recipes to please your palate. Don't forget a fun green float for the kids or anyone that's not interested in alcoholic beverages! We don't want anyone to miss out on the St. Patrick's Day fun.


Are you planning on dressing up for St. Paddy's Day? Will you wear green apparel, a costume, some accessories, or a combination of all three? Be sure to check out our entire collection of St. Patrick's Day costumes and accessories before you make your big decision. Also, don't forget to fill us in on all the fun you had at the St. Patrick's Day party you attended! We always love hearing about the FUN!

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