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Black Kitty Paws

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Black Kitty Paws
Black Kitty Paws
Product Information

Items Included
  • Black kitty paws
  • Faux fur
  • Black and pink kitty paws

We love cats, but it seems a little strange that most feline costumes include only the parts of a cat that are pretty much just for decoration. The eyes? Ears? Most people have perfectly good ones already. A tail? What use is that?

We're much bigger fans of whiskers, which are extra-sensitive in order to provide cats with helpful feedback from their environment and navigate obstacles in the dark. It's like they give a cat special powers! If your cat costume includes whiskers, you're pretty much dressing up like a superhero in our book. And these Black Kitty Paws will help you harness the cat's other superpowers, like sneaky stealth and incredible agility. Do you want to leap onto high counters or comfy armchairs like a cat? Do you want to sneak up on skittish rodents or pesky pieces of yarn like a cat? Have you ever wished you could just pounce on somebody? These paws are the perfect tool.

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Five Stars
     By Current Customer / February 13, 2019
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No Reasonable Way to Wear Them
     By Current Customer / December 14, 2016
There was no way to wear these paws. There is only room for four digits. I get that cats only have four, but humans have five. There was no where for my thumb to go. Maybe you should put gloves inside of the kitty paws. That way there is somewhere for the entire hand to be.

All in all, I couldn't wear these and it was a COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY
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