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It's about time that Batgirl got the credit she deserves! She's made librarians cooler than ever before. Her bright style with gold and black is noticeable from afar. Drop jaws at Comic-Con with an authentic Batgirl costume. Dress your little one in a Batgirl romper so your little one is ready to take down crime in comfort. Even Fido can wear a Batgirl pet costume. With our Batgirl costumes, you can be sure Gotham will never be the same again!
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Women's Heroic Batgirl Costume_1
Kid's Brilliant Batgirl Costume
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DC Deluxe Women's Batgirl Costume
Girl's Batman Jumpsuit
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Batgirl Deluxe Child Costume
Batwoman Adult Costume
Kids Batgirl Tutu Costume
Batgirl T-Shirt Costume
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Women's Batgirl Wing Dress
Sexy Batgirl Costume
Child Black Gloves
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Bat Glasses

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Adult Black Superhero Gloves
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Adult Deluxe Batgirl Cape
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Batgirl Girls Romper
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Adult Authentic Batgirl Costume
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Batgirl Cape
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Batgirl Fashion Apron

Barbara Gordon was the best-known characters to assume Batgirl's mantle, but she wasn't the only one. And the classic Batgirl image is of Yvonne Craig playing the role in the 1960s Batman TV series. But she's more than just another pretty face. She's also smart and resourceful.

Batgirl is a cultural icon who has bolstered the image of librarians, disabled persons, and women in general. She made her debut as a feminine copycat of Batman but soon made her own mark on the DC Comics universe. 

You or your daughter can become Batwoman or Batgirl in one of our costumes. They come in sizes from toddler through women's plus. The Batwomen costumes for adults come in sexy and revealing versions and also form-fitting full-coverage jumpsuits. And our toddler Batgirl Halloween costumes come in a variety of styles from dresses to jumpsuits depending on what your child prefers. 

Choose from these Batgirl Costumes and you can show Gotham City just what you're made of! How To

Batgirl Halloween Costumes

No matter how much it might seem like Batman prefers to work alone, we know that sometimes he needs help taking down Gotham's villains. Of course, probably his most famous partner is Robin, and the two of them create quite the dynamic duo. But Robin isn't the only other person in Gotham ready to fight crime!

More than one lady has taken up the mantle of Batgirl, but Barbara Gordon might be the most well-known. Librarian by day and vigilante by night, she's an important ally for the Dark Knight and an incredible superhero in her own right. If you're a DC Comics fan, we think you should try out a Batgirl Halloween costume this year. You're sure to love spending some time as this smart, resourceful, and stylish character!

Women's Batgirl Costumes

The Joker is back in Gotham and it's time for the superheroes to suit up! And while you've always admired Batman's outfit, you wish it had a bit more of a feminine touch. Sounds like you need to check out our selection of Women's Batgirl Costumes! We have them in a variety of sizes so you can start your vigilante career no matter your age. And of course, we have plenty of accessories to help you put your own twist on any costume or outfit and really make it your own!

Heroic Batgirl Costume

Batgirl Costume

It's time to remind Gotham that bats aren't just for boys! Whether you're donning an outfit for Halloween celebrations or preparing your cosplay, Batgirl is a fantastic superhero choice. Put on a heroic Batgirl costume and you'll be ready to defeat any villains that come your way. Batgirl's black and gold-themed outfit is classic, stylish, and sure to help establish you as one of Gotham's true heroes!

Classic Purple Batgirl Costume

purple Batgirl costume

Are you tired of superhero suits with dark, depressing color schemes? Why do villains like the Joker and the Riddler get to wear colorful outfits when so much of the Bat team is stuck in black? Well, with this purple Batgirl costume, you can still be on the side of good while sporting a bit brighter suit! Whether you just want to break away from black or you're a fan of the classic series, you'll have a great time protecting Gotham in this vibrant costume.

Sexy Batgirl Costume

If you want to wear a sexy costume and also dress like a character from the DC universe, your mind might initially jump to Catwoman. And while we can't deny that she's quite intriguing, we think almost any character can be sexy as long as you have the right attitude—and the right outfit! This sexy Batgirl costume will have you feeling confident, but just make sure you have a mask to help maintain that air of mystery!

Plus Size Batwoman Costume

Don't talk yourself out of becoming a superhero because you don't have x-ray vision and you can't fly. Batgirl uses her own unique talents and an array of gadgets to defeat the villains of Gotham, and you can too! You'll just need to start with a Batgirl costume like this one and make sure that you have all the right accessories, like a mask and some Batarangs. Keep your city safe without falling into any vats of radioactive goo!

Kids Batgirl Costumes

Despite all the best efforts of Batman and his friends, it seems that Gotham always needs help. No matter how many villains they defeat, more always appear somehow. That's why it's time to start training the next generation of crimefighting vigilantes! With our selection of kid’s Batgirl costumes, your little one can start their training—and look heroic while doing so. Just because they're young doesn't mean they can't help to keep the city safe. After all, you're never too young to stand up for what's right!

Brilliant Batgirl Costume

Batgirl costume

Brooding and serious certainly don't describe your kiddo! They usually choose Halloween costumes that make them look like they stepped directly out of a magical fairytale. So, when your little ray of sunshine wanted to be a Gotham superhero, you weren't sure that would match their personality. Fortunately, we have this brilliant Batgirl costume for your kiddo!

Toddler Batgirl Costume

Toddler Batgirl Costume

It's never too early to start training for a job. One great way to help your kiddo get a leg up is by making sure they're dressed right! If they want to be a doctor, invest in a tiny pair of scrubs. If they dream of being a chef, get them a little apron and hat as soon as possible. And of course, if they want to be a superhero, then they'll need something like this Batgirl romper.

Batgirl Outfits

While we believe that there's no wrong time to wear a full Halloween costume, we understand that not everyone agrees with us. Do you want to represent your favorite superhero with your clothing but it's just not the place for a costume? We have you covered! Take a more toned-down and simpler approach with one of our Batgirl outfits or build your own look with some of our superhero accessories! You can show your love for this amazing character all year long, and besides, you don't want to hide your identity all the time!

Batgirl Dress Costume

Have you ever wished that superhero costumes were just a little more formal? Sure, the jumpsuit is great for fighting crime, but it really doesn't go with your favorite pair of high-heeled shoes. And although the mask is great at hiding your identity, it also covers all that fabulous makeup you just spent so much time applying. A Batgirl dress like this one will let you look stylish while still establishing yourself as a fan!

Batgirl T-Shirt Costume

While there are situations that call for more formal attire than a Halloween costume, there are also settings where it's appropriate to be a little more casual. If you're looking for something superhero-themed to wear on a regular day, then you might enjoy something like a Batgirl t-shirt costume! And of course, if you do need a costume but you want to keep things simple, a costume shirt will give you the look you want without a bunch of pieces!

Batgirl Accessories and Costume Ideas

It's our philosophy that every costume needs some good accessories! So, whether you're putting together a DIY Batgirl costume or you want a few finishing details for your Batgirl cosplay, you should check out our selection of accessories! And if you're finding that you're a little low on ideas, perhaps you'll find inspiration in some of our picks. After all, there's nothing wrong with picking out your superhero mask first and working from there!

Deluxe Batgirl Cape

While it's technically possible to be a superhero without a cape, we don't recommend it. Capes are just so useful when you're fighting crime. They shield you from rain and prying eyes alike, and unlike an umbrella, they leave your hands free to wield whichever bat-themed tools you have with you. So if you're going to roam Gotham as Batgirl, you'll definitely need a Batgirl Cape! Anyway, who doesn't want to add a flair of the dramatic!?

Batgirl Mask

If you're going to spend your days (or nights) fighting crime, there's one accessory that's essential to add to your ensemble. Of course, we're talking about a sturdy pair of superhero boots. But once you have some sturdy footwear figured out, the most important piece of the puzzle, is, of course, a mask to hide your true identity! When you add this Batgirl Mask to your costume, it will ensure that your civilian side stays secure.

Batgirl Gauntlets

A good pair of gloves can add just the right touch to any outfit. They're often a fashionable accessory added to formal wear, but when you're a superhero, you want all parts of your ensemble to have a purpose beyond providing the right aesthetic. So, if you're spending your time bringing down Gotham baddies, you'll probably want these Batgirl Gauntlets! They provide a little protection along with some fantastic style.

Batgirl Dog Costume

The number of characters that belong to the Bat Family changes every now and then. Well, this year, your entire family wanted to go with Batman costumes for Halloween, and you just can't leave out your precious puppy. Make sure your pet is included with a Batgirl Dog Costume! Even if they're not a ferocious fighter, we're pretty sure their adorableness alone would be enough to stop a villain in their tracks! Monster