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Avengers Endgame Incredible Hulk Airhead Inflatable

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The Avengers Endgame Incredible Hulk Airhead Inflatable
The Avengers Endgame Incredible Hulk Airhead Inflatable
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Go on and get a big head

Bruce Banner is a fine man. He's smart. He's willing to make sacrifices for the greater good. He wants to work with a team. But let's get real, when we're watching Bruce do his stuff, we're actually always waiting for the Hulk to come out of his shell. While Banner is a quiet brainiac, Hulk doesn't do the subtle stuff! He'll head into any fight with gusto. No holds barred, he'll break through walls, forests, and his pent up rage to fight the good fight. And when his heroic buddies need a lift, he's there to help them launch into the air with abandon. Where they land after they're high in the air is up to them but at least the Hulk got them there, right?

Product Details

Face whatever's coming at you with confidence with this oversized Hulk head. No need to worry about a heavy mask. This head is inflatable allowing your superhero look to be both comfortable and, well... hulk-like. Just add air and you're sure to feel like a mean, green hero. 

More Green on the Scene

While every hero has a schtick, none of them are quite as dramatic as the Hulk's quirk. Transform completely with Hulk gloves and a bodysuit and you'll be ready to smash!

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