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Creative Couples Costume Ideas

Be the envy of all the couples this Halloween!

The best Halloween costumes are the ones that reflect your personality and say something about who you are. When you go out as a couple, you want both of your costumes to show the world what kind of couple you are together. We came up with a bunch of different looks for lots of different kinds of couples, from the fun loving to the pun loving, and even the movie loving! Use any of our costume ideas here this Halloween and you will have the best out there!

Punny Couples

Who doesn’t love a couple with a sense of humor? These “Punny” costumes are not only funny, but they bring some excellent puns to life! You might inspire a few furled brows at first, but once they think about it for a minute you'll see that 'A-Ha' moment. No, not when the world suddenly switches to black and white pencil sketches, but rather when they understand exactly what your costumes mean. Ding! And yes, that was an 80’s music video reference right there. We couldn’t help it!

Monster Under the Bed

Maybe this naughty boyfriend will stop being so frisky when he finds out how cute the monster under the bed is! Perfect for a couple with a great sense of humor.

Bed Costume
Monster Costumes

Grease Fire

This is for the couple that is undeniably hot, and also loves a good pun. When Bad Sandy and a Fireman get together they create... wait for it... a GREASE fire!

Grease Costumes
Firefighter Costumes

24 Karat Gold

This couples costume combo is GOLDEN! What happens when you get a carrot and a gold karat costume together? You get a fabulous and glamorous pun.

Carrot Costumes
Gold Costume

Fantasy Football Player

She loves football and he loves epic fantasy novels. How will they ever come together! All you have to do is create an EPIC pun costume like this one. For the couple that can’t get enough of clever word play.

Football Costumes
Wizard Costumes

French Kiss

Take one part French mimes and one part legendary glam rock group and what do you get? French KISS! Now all you need is a couple of fresh baked baguettes and you’re ready to rock.

Mime Costumes
KISS Costumes

Funny Couples

Sure, Halloween is all about the scary, but it can also be all about the funny! A couple that loves to laugh together will always be the life of the party, and these funny costume ideas are sure to do just that. Each one goes together in a unique, nefarious, weird, or even logical way. Nobody will accuse you of not being clever after they see you in one of these ensembles.

Alien & Astronaut

Turns out there IS life on other planets! Is it intelligent life, though? Maybe at first, but probably less so the later into the night your crazy Halloween celebrations go! Perfect for a couple that likes to party.

Alien Costumes
Astronaut Costumes

Crocodile Hunter

The Crocodile Hunter was one of the most entertaining animal experts of all time. If you're a couple that loves animals, create this funny take on his namesake!

Crocodile Costumes
Wilderness Costumes

Lumberjack & Tree

She was all ready to knock down this old tree until she fell in love with that sweet face. Now they’re growing together in love! This funny costume idea is for the nature-loving couple.

Wilderness Costumes
Tree Costume

Fisherman & Mermaid

He was looking for cod in all the wrong places. Instead, he hooked this sexy and beautiful mermaid! Not every couple has such a whale of a tale to describe their first meeting, but these two just keep swimming.

Fisherman Costumes
Mermaid Costumes

Bacon & Pig

If you’re a couple with a sense of humor (and a carnivorous appetite) try our bacon and pig couples costume idea! When people ask about it, just say that he’s the before and you’re the after.

Bacon Costumes
Pig Costumes

Movie Couples

You’re bound to see a bunch of the most popular movie character costumes out there on Halloween this year, but these couples costumes are a little more unique than that. They fit together, or splice together, you might say, so well that any movie buff will get your pairing right away! Say, “Action!” to these movie costume ideas and you’ll be bound for seasonal stardom.

Johnny Depp Couple

For the movie loving lovers, this idea brings together two of Johnny Depp’s most beloved creations. If anyone asks why you chose this particular couples theme, just tell them you both have emotional ‘Depp-th.’

Johnny Depp Costumes

The Christmas Story Couple

If you’re that forward-thinking couple always looking toward the future, then this Christmas Story couples idea is for you. After All, Christmas is only a few months away! As is the annual TBS marathon.

Christmas Story Costumes

Optimus Prime & Bumblebee

Sometimes a couple can’t come together on an idea. If he wants to be Optimus Prime, what should you do? Be his Bumblebee, of course! But do it your way… with a buzz!

Transformers Costumes
Bumble Bee Costumes

Tom Hanks Couple

One of the greatest actors of our time has created so many memorable roles. You can each become one of them with this Tom Hanks couples costume idea! Life is like a box of chocolates, and it IS Halloween, after all!

Womens Woody Tunic
Forrest Gump Costumes

Cruella de Vil & Dalmatian

Cruella De Vil dreams of having her very own Dalmatian fur coat, but she would never dream of taking it from a pup as sweet as this! If you’re a couple that grew up loving and watching Disney animated features, then this one is for you.

Cruella de Vil Costumes
Dalmatian Costumes

Food Couples

If you’re a couple that loves to try the latest restaurants, or otherwise just enjoy being “foodies” together, then you’re sure to find something to go as in these food costume ideas. Some have a lot of humor, others have a little alcohol, and NONE of these costumes, we can assure you, have any added MSG. Yep! They’re even good for you.

Cookie & Cookie Monster

Now here is a sweet pairing! Cookie Monster is always gaga for a good cookie, and that’s the biggest cookie we’ve ever seen! They’re a match made on Sesame Street.

Cookie Monster Costumes
Cookie Costume

Colonel & Chicken

Those herbs and spices might be a secret, but the key to this couple’s success isn’t! Everyone else might think you’re clucking mad, but this chicken and the Colonel costume idea is too funny to pass up.

Mens White Suit
Chicken Costumes

Popeye & Chicken

What do Popeye and a chicken have in common? Why, Popeye’s Chicken, of course! That most delicious of fast food restaurants is now a couples costume idea. Are you hungry yet?

Chicken Costumes
Popeye Costumes

Nerds Candy & Nerd Human

Everyone will say, “There goes a couple of Nerds!” And they won’t be wrong. Why is the candy called nerds? Who knows, but this out-of-the-ordinary coupling idea will have you feeling nerdilicious.

Nerd Costumes
Nerds Box Costume

Beer & Beer Maid

Here comes another frosty one! This bar maid always serves up the best drinks, and he’s definitely one of the best. This is for that beer connoisseur couple who knows all the right brews.

Beer Costumes

Creative Couples

We’ve covered Punny. We’ve covered Funny. We even went there with Food. Now, everything we’ve shown you so far is pretty creative (or so we tell ourselves, ha!) but these are just a few ideas we thought belonged on their own because they are just a cut above. Some of them are using wordplay, and some are just adorable. Another one is altogether hilarious for anyone who has ever been surfing YouTube late at night and stumbled across the joy that is “Double Rainbow.” What does it mean? It means an awesome Halloween!

Curious George

This clever couples costume is sure to inspire lots of monkey business Halloween night. Try hopping into the arms of your Man in the Yellow Hat for a perfect photo opp. Great for a nostalgic couple!

Curious George Costumes

Bug Catcher

Every good love story begins with a bit of a chase, right? Hopefully this bug catcher will be able to snag and keep his beautiful butterfly on Halloween night. Perfect for the couple who enjoys a good game of cat and mouse.

Bug Catcher Costumes
Butterfly Costumes

Leprechaun & Rainbow

Why do Leprechauns love rainbows so much? Well, can you blame him? Just look at her! Who wouldn’t want to find such a beauty at the end of the rainbow?

Leprechaun Costumes
Rainbow Costume


Dragons and flies seem to be about as far apart as possible, but if you put them together you get some fun wordplay. Together they’re a dragonfly! Everyone this Halloween will have fun figuring you out. Clever!

Dragon Costumes
Fly Costumes

Double Rainbow

Many of you have probably seen this hilarious internet video of the double rainbow. But what does it mean? What does it mean! In this case, it means a creative (and colorful) couples costume idea.

Rainbow Costume

Unique Couples

Everyone wants to be unique, especially on Halloween when you’re going out to a party and seeing all your friends. Sure, it’s all for fun, but who doesn’t want to show off just a little bit? You’re the kind of couple that loves to take the path less trodden, go where the locals go, always in search of that hidden gem. You’re unique! And every unique couple deserves an equally unique costume pairing. We think these ideas will give you just that!

Dragon & Knight

Plot twist: The Knight was on his way to slay a dragon and rescue a damsel in distress, but he got distracted when he saw this fiery dragon! Perfect for couples that like to put their own twist on things.

Dragon Costumes
Knight Costumes

Mr. Potato Headless Horseman

Mr. Potato Head and the Headless Horseman: one is looking for a head, and the other IS a head! It’s just a fun word to say. “Mr. Potato-Head Horseman.”

Potato Head Costumes
Headless Horseman Costumes

Two-Person Horse

This classic costume idea has been around for a long time, but it never gets old. Any couple will have a fun time prancing around the party, but first you’ll have to decide which one is in the rear…

Two Person Horse Costume

Coca-Cola Can & Polar Bear

If ‘delicious’ and ‘happy’ are two words you’d use to describe your relationship, then this Coca-Cola Can and Polar Bear idea is for you. While they may be a bit frigid, once you put them together they represent sugary sweetness!

Coca Cola Can Costume
Polar Bear Costumes

Hawaiian Punch

This unique costume pairing is a real Tahitian treat! A Hawaiian costume and a boxer costume create a mean pun for Halloween (a mean… Pun…ch?)

Hawaiian Costumes
Boxer Costumes