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Have you ever wanted to dive deep and explore the ultimate in musical magic? If so, we know a certain sea witch who would love to grant your wish! Then again, if your Disney dream is to become the enigmatic aquatic villain, we are happy to help! Move your tentacles to the grove of your own song when you wear an Ursula costume from The Little Mermaid! Combine some of our Ursula Halloween accessories to create your very own cosplay creation!
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The ocean depths can teach us a lot. Obviously, there is the importance of body language. (How is anyone going to be swimming back and forth in style without a bit of swagger in their tails!?) Why is there so much awesome deep in the sea? Well, we have to say that a big part of it comes from Ursula!

Now, we have to be pretty upfront. Yes, Ursula is a villain... and one of the most powerful ones out there! But do you know her origins!? See, she started out as less an octopus sorceress and more of a cavern-dwelling source of opportunities. The very start, back in 1837, of Ursula was an unnamed witch who offered the little mermaid a chance at her dreams. And, just like the one you know from Disney fame, she was even pretty upfront about all the details! (Maybe trusting a precocious teenaged mermaid to know everything she'd want for the rest of her life was going a little far, but who can really blame a witch for trying to make a story interesting!?)

When Ursula came to life on the silver screen 150 years later in 1989, she was speculated to be the sister of Triton, eager to gain the magical trident and rule the waves as was her destiny. All it took was a little magic, a pretty face, and a wish to walk on the surface! If you can't get enough of Ursula's wily ways, then an Ursula costume is just the thing to give you a tentacle up on your Little Mermaid cosplay game! 

We have a variety of different Ursula costumes. Some will feature a long, silky black dress that creates the illusion of tentacles. Others even include a separate skirt that can be inflated or stuffed to give you some serious sway. As a larger lady, herself, she is the perfect candidate for any shapely costume, too, so we have some of the best plus-size Ursula costumes that you can find. Better yet, you can expand your cosplay options with some Ursula accessories to layer on top of your existing couture. If you'd like to show off some Vanessa levels of Ursula's magic, you can create a DIY Ursula costume by combining a magical conch shell along with your favorite evening dress. (Just keep the tentacles in the trunk for when it is time to unleash your true power!)