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If your child is excited to wear one of these kids Star Wars costumes, then you've raised them right! We carry all of the best outfits based on all of the movies, from A New Hope, through The Force Awakens trilogy. Whether they want to dress up like Han Solo, or Rey, we have the perfect costume just waiting for your little one!
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Star Wars Child Jedi Robe
Sale - 71%
Child Boba Fett Costume_1
Sale - 44%
Child Stormtrooper Costume
Sale - 13%
Child The Mandalorian Costume
Sale - 25%
Mandalorian Beskar Armor Child Costume Main UPD
Sale - 17%
Star Wars Child Qualux Obi Wan Kenobi Costume
Sale - 38%
Star Wars Child Luke Skywalker Qualux Costume
Sale - 38%
Kids Light Up Star Wars Darth Vader Costume-2-3
Sale - 8%
Child Deluxe Wicket/Ewok Costume
Star Wars Yoda Toddler Costume scene
Sale - 20% Exclusive
Star Wars Toddler Yoda Costume Main UPD
Sale - 18% Exclusive
Kids Light Up The Mandalorian Costume-2-2
Sale - 25%
Star Wars Value Kids Darth Vader Costume_
Sale - 17%
Toddler Yoda Costume
Kids Deluxe Boba Fett Costume
Childs Jango Fett Deluxe Costume
Sale - 17%
Star Wars Kid's C-3PO Costume
Star Wars Value Kids The Mandalorian Costume_1
Sale - 20%
Toddler Grogu Costume-2
Sale - 29%
Child Adaptive Darth Vader Costume
Sale - 25%
LEGO Star Wars Child Yoda Deluxe Costume
Clearance  - 58%
Star Wars Darth Vader Deluxe Plush Costume
Sale - 13%
Child Boba Fett Costume
Child Adaptive Darth Vader Wheelchair Accessory UPD
Clearance  - 46%
Star Wars Ewok Deluxe Plush Costume
Out of Stock
Deluxe Kid's Jedi Costume
Out of Stock
Kid's X-Wing Pilot Costume
Out of Stock
Kids Yoda Costume
Out of Stock
Kids Deluxe Stormtrooper Costume
Video Out of Stock
Child Deluxe Blue Clone Trooper Rex Costume
Out of Stock
Kids Darth Vader Costume
Out of Stock
Kids Luke Skywalker Costume
Out of Stock
Deluxe Han Solo Kid's Costume
Out of Stock
Mandalorian The Child Toddler Costume (3T-4T)
Out of Stock
Child Stormtrooper Costume
Out of Stock
Star Wars The Last Jedi Deluxe Imperial Guard Kids Costume
Out of Stock

Think back to the first time you saw the bottom of that Star Destroyer crawl over the screen chasing that tiny little ship. Oh, and remember when you first saw a lightsaber ignite? Or when Yoda lifted an X-Wing from his Dagobah swamp? If only we could go back and relive these moments. Now that we think about it, when we show Star Wars to our kids we get to relive these moments through them. It's a film series that joins generations together! When you invest in a children's Star Wars costume, you get to watch this bonding epic jump from the screen into real life. Watch little Rey takedown oppressors in the backyard. Cower in fear at the hands of a toddler Darth Vader. Your family's intergalactic adventure is limitless!
If you've got a little padawan who has already caught the galaxy far far away bug, then our Star Wars Halloween costumes for kids are going to make-believe in the power of the force. You may need to photograph your newborn in a baby Star Wars costume or dress your young Luke look-alike in one of our boy's Star Wars costume this year. You don't even have to wait for Halloween. When you and the family are getting together to watch The Rise of Skywalker, you'll be ready with adorable Jedi robes just for the kids in your life. 
Whether they want to be Luke, Leia, Vader, or more new school characters from The Force Awakens or The Mandalorian like Kylo Ren or Rey, we've got them covered with our huge, galactic-sized selection of Star Wars costumes for kids. 
Maybe we're biased but we're pretty sure the typical girl's Star Wars costume is better than ever. Sure, Queen Amadala will always be cool but the Rey Star Wars costume for kids lets little girls get in touch with their inner warrior, which is pretty empowering to watch. And because we believe that dressing up is not only for Halloween, it's for playing pretend and well... yeah, making Grandma and Grandpa laugh (that's what that child Wampa costume is all about) the best kids Star Wars costumes allow kids to move and play. 
While watching a young Jedi in training might be exciting, making sure your child's interests are fixed on the story that happened a long, long time ago happens at an early age. That's where toddler Star Wars costumes come in. The character opportunities make for some epic memories. For instance, as many toddlers are already his size, a Yoda toddler Star Wars costume always goes over well. Many kids even walk in his grizzled, puppet-like manner. And choosing between the adorable Ewok costume and the playful BB-8 costume might cause some major inner strife.
With a selection this expansive, your child can dress up as a different Star Wars character every year. Don't worry about having too many costumes in your collection. Perfect for Star Wars movie premiers, themed birthday parties, as well as trick-or-treating, costumes can be used over and over again! Now, get out there and bring balance to the force! Monster