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Teen Girls Halloween Costumes

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Help your teen celebrate the season with teen girl Halloween costumes! When you shop our selection of Halloween costumes for teen girls, you’ll discover everything from classic and scary to popular and cute teen girl costumes. Make spooky season magical with teen witch costumes. Inspire memories for a lifetime with costume ideas that your tween can wear with their bestie. Or complete a family look with costumes for teen girls available only here!
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Tween Steampunk Girl Costume
Child Mouse Costume
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Cruella Tween Red Dress Costume
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Tween Miss Reaper Costume-update1
Teen Full Moon Sass Werewolf Costume
Tween Disney Cruella De Vil Costume-2
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Teen Warrior Knight Costume
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Tween Werewolf Costume
Tween Hildagaard Viking Costume
Tween Girls Luigi Costume
Tween Sally Costume
Tween Tigress Costume
Tween Neon Leopard Costume
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Tween Arts Academy Witch Costume
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Teen Hot Dog Costume
Teen Wonderland Cat Costume Update Main Update 1
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Teen Sally Costume
Tween Catwoman Costume
Tweens Yoshi Skirt Costume
Teen Penguin Costume
Teen Banana Hoodie
High Seas Pirate Girl Costume
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Shopping for Halloween costumes always comes with its challenges. There are tons to choose from, and unless you have something specific in mind, you may find yourself stuck between a few options. But then there’s shopping Halloween costumes for teens. Unless you have a family look, they’ve agreed to participate in, or they’ve told you exactly what they want to dress as you may as well be trying to decipher the newest slang term you heard them using.

Luckily, you’ve come to our selection of girl Halloween costumes, where we’ve parceled out the teen Halloween costumes. With everything in one place, we’re ready to help you either discover the perfect outfit your teen didn’t know they wanted or the exact look you need for that thrilling family ensemble!

Not sure where to begin? Stick with us to learn a few fun teenage girl Halloween costume ideas! We’ll detail some of our favorite looks and how you and your teen or tween can put them to good use.

Let’s start with girls’ Halloween costume ideas.

Want to stick to a family-friendly theme this year? Can’t get your teen to budge on their desire to look social media ready? Try Disney Halloween costumes. We love the versatility of One-Hundred and One Dalmatians costumes. And while your stylish child may not want to slip into a cozy dalmatian onesie for family photos, they’ll be hard-pressed to deny your asking them to dress as everyone’s favorite chic villain Cruella. And with Snow White, Sally, and even the Mad Hatter teen girl costumes available, your Insta-fashionista is sure to find something they love in our selection!

Cute Halloween costumes for teens are a matter of taste. You may love the idea of getting your daughter to dress like a princess for one more year. But their concept of cute might be doing a couple’s look with their bestie. We can help with both! But let’s look at some ideas for Halloween costumes for teenage girl best friends!

Try a twist on a classic with a werewolf and Red Riding Hood. Help your teen set sail for a high seas adventure as a pirate and their bestie in a mermaid tail. Help the dynamic duo show how sweet their friendship is with matching candy dresses. Or get that final look at your princess dressed as such with a princess costume to match their friend’s female knight costume.

From solo looks to their first group costume, our selection of teen girl Halloween costumes is here to help. And whether they come to you with a specific need in mind or you’re looking for Halloween inspiration, you’re sure to find the picture-perfect memory-maker here!