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Justice League Throwbacks: Then and Now (Super Friends Edition)

by |November 13, 2017

Justice League: Then and Now Header Image

Are you ready to unite the league? Justice League is set to hit theaters and be one of the biggest movies of the season (that is, until a little movie called Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes out). Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman (maybe?) will be welcoming newcomers Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg to the team in a fight to save the world. The latest DC heroes team-up is the fifth in what has...

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DC at the Cinema: Feature Films from the DC Universe [Infographic]

by |August 1, 2016

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The Man of Steel and the Dark Knight already duked it out earlier this year in Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman. In August, Suicide Squad aims to up the ante by forcing a whole bunch of supervillains to work together on a team and sending them on black ops missions for the government. (What could possibly go awry with that plan?) All that superhero movie action got the old brain-juices flowing about films based on the DC comic book universe. It seems like there have been a million Batman movies since Adam West first donned the costume and Superman sure hasn't been shy about showing up on the silver screen. Do you remember that time that Shaq was a superhero? How many movies has DC done anyways? Well, ponder no further! This handy infographic lists every theatrically release full-length film that DC has ever made.


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Superman Costumes in TV and Movies

by |March 25, 2016
Categories: Resource, Superheroes

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Superman made his comics debut in 1938 and has since been one of the most widely-recognizable superheroes on the planet. The Man of Steel was then featured in other media beginning in 1941 with a series of animated shorts. The iconic costume, featuring blue spandex with red trim, has been one of the most cosistent looking superhero costumes ever, although the shield emblem has seen it's share of changes.There have been many Supermans (or Supermen?) over the years. In fact, there are nearly as many failed Superman films and TV shows as there are ones that made it to audiences’ eyes. Let’s take a look at the different Superman portrayals in movies and TV over time. While the Superman costume may have stayed the same, the different people who wore it made the hero their own. 


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Costume Change Up: Alternative DC Superhero Looks

by |March 25, 2015
Categories: Superheroes

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Most of us aren’t billionaire orphans with a grudge against crime, or the last surviving member of a race of super-beings, or the daughter of a god — but throw on a mask and a matching outfit and suddenly you’re a superhero. As much as Superman’s heat vision and super strength or Batman’s endless supply of gadgets make them super, their costumes make them heroes and, boy, do we love dressing up as our superheroes. For cosplay inspiration and...

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Most Popular Superheroes by State [Interactive Infographic Map]

by |October 9, 2014
Categories: Superheroes

Superheroes by State Map


It’s no secret that we just can’t get enough of superheroes – luckily, we aren’t alone! Superheroes are a popular interest of all sorts of demographics! But which heroes? HOW popular? We’ve generated a map of the favorite superheroes in the United States, state-by-state. Any guesses as to who takes the cake cape?


While it may not be the jaw-dropping answer you were looking for, Batman leads the crusade, winning the top spot in all 50 states! Since...

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How To Throw a DIY Superhero Wedding

by |July 10, 2014
Categories: Superheroes

ExtraOrdinary Themed Weddings


EXTRAOrdinary Theme Weddings: Superhero Wedding


The best wedding advice is this: do what makes you happy. This is your big day. If “what makes you happy” entails superhero capes, Batman masks, vinyl boots, and a plethora of comic books, then so be it. Superhero themed weddings are becoming more and more common, but they’re still niche enough that you might need a little help on how to plan the perfect event. has put together this guide with everything you need to know on throwing a DIY superhero wedding....

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