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The Evolution of the Joker [Infographic]

by |September 23, 2019

The Evolution of the Joker

2019 Update: We brought the infographic current to include Joaquin Phoenix in The Joker, and filled in many appearances since Suicide Squad.

No superhero and supervillain duo embody the eternal struggle of good and evil better than Batman and the Joker. Where Batman embodies justice, order, and all that is good, The Joker is the personification of evil, anarchy, and chaos. The Joker and Batman have been going at it since the 1940s, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. His origin in the real world is as mysterious as it is in the comics, with three different men claiming to have had varying degrees of responsibility in creating him. A character that was meant to be a one-off appearance eventually evolved into one of the most recognizable villains in popular culture.


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Robin Williams Tribute: Group Costume DIY

by |October 19, 2015
Categories: Costume TutorialsDIYMovies

Robin-Williams-DIY Tribute Costumes


“Well sir, I don’t know how much value I have in this universe. But I do know I made a few people happier than they would’ve been without me; as long as I know that, I’m as rich as I’ll ever need to be.”

– Robin Williams as Mork, from Mork and Mindy


Robin Williams' passing in 2014 left the world a little less bright and a little less funny. Mr. Williams was one of those rare performers who could inspire rolling laughter and flowing tears in the same scene. It is now more than one year after his tragic passing and we still miss having him around. We have always been inspired by the amazing characters that Robin Williams has portrayed over his long and robust career. In honor of this colorful cast of characters, we would like to offer up this group costume idea in honor of one of the best funnymen around.


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The Evolution of the Flash [Infographic]

Evolution of the Flash


Season three of the C.W.’s hit show Arrow introduced many to Barry Allen, a forensic scientist from a little town called Central City. Barry Allen is known to many as the Flash, the Fastest Man Alive, a founding member of the Justice League, and the first official superhero of a time known as the Silver Age of Comics. The title of the Flash has been held by more than just Barry; Jay Garrick, Wally West, and Bart Allen have all held the title of Scarlet Speedster throughout DC’s long history.


The Flash’s iconic red jumpsuit has not changed all that much in his history, even when other characters like Wally West or Bart Allen took up the mantle. The Flash’s look has stayed true to that original look developed by Carmine Infantino. Since his creation, the Flash has been featured in television, cartoons, video games, and comics—each medium giving him their own unique flair. Explore how the Scarlet Speedster has changed in his 75 year history with this infographic!


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Star Wars Lightsabers [Infographic]

by |August 31, 2015

Star Wars Lightsabers Infographic Header


The incredible technology dreamed up by George Lucas when he created the Star Wars universe has been imagination food for generations of fans since. None more so than the lightsaber, wielded by those samurai-like mystics the Jedi and their evil counterparts, the Sith. Since Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader had their duel aboard the Death Star, followers have yearned for more of this iconic weapon from the Star Wars franchise.



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Star Wars Costume Ideas: Clone Troopers

by |August 25, 2015

Star Wars Costume Ideas Clone Troopers


Legendary Jedi heroes Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi are renowned for their roles in The Clone Wars, and for Anakin’s transformation into Darth Vader. Less renown, though arguably as important, are the Clone Troopers and officers who helped these Jedi find success in the war. The clones from Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, and The Clone Wars T.V. show, offer up the perfect companion costumes for those who don’t want to dress as Lightsaber-wielding Jedi or Sith. If you’re more comfortable with a Blaster than a Lightsaber, consider these Clone Wars heroes for your next Star Wars themed costume!


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Clever Couples Costume Ideas

by |August 5, 2015
Categories: Costume GuidesHumor

Clever couples Costume Ideas


Putting together a perfect couples costume that blows people away can be difficult, but it is certainly a worthy quest! You’re the creative type, so you're no longer impressed by the video game couples, the movie star couples, even the famous couples from history. You’re looking to do something a little different. You want a couples costume that makes people think a bit. A creative couples costume gives you the opportunity to show off your wit, your hobbies, your romance - sometimes all of the above.


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