Sexy Breaking Bad and Duck Dynasty Costume Ideas

by |October 14, 2013

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Besides a one Miss Miley Cyrus, Walter White and Uncle Si are undoubtedly two of the most in-demand costumes of Halloween 2013. But why should the men folk have all the fun?? We put a sexy female spin on the leading characters from Breaking Bad and Duck Dynasty with a few simple DIY steps. You can easily recreate these looks for yourselves and we'll show you how. Bring on the sexy!!

Sexy Breaking Bad Costume

Sexy Breaking Bad Costume Idea

You'll definitely want to answer the door when this version of

"The One Who Knocks" comes trick-or-treating


Full Length

Sexy Breaking Bad Costume Full Length

First Step: Sexy Walter White

Second Step: Las Pollas Hermanas??


Products Used

DIY Sexy Breaking Bad Costume

Breaking Bad Jumpsuit        Blue Fishnet Gloves          Gas Mask

Black Knee-High Stockings           Black Heels


Achieving this look is surprisingly straight-forward - right down to the yellow boot covers!

  • The dress was made by simply cutting off the bottom portion of the jumpsuit just below the zipper. (First dotted line pictured above.)
  • You may cut where you please to achieve the desired length.
  • To create the boot covers cut off both legs of the yellow pants (along the second dotted line above), and flip them upside down. There is already built-in elastic so it's really that easy!

All you have left to do is see what "chemistry" you can brew up on Halloween night, and in this hot "breaking bad girl" look you'll surely have no trouble at all.


Sexy Duck Dynasty Header Image


Sexy Duck Dynasty Costume

sexy duck dynasty costume header

You may need to pour a glass of sweet tea to

cool off after spotting this clever costume


Full Length 

Sexy Duck Dynasty Costume Full Length

People will be vying for the chance to join your Dynasty in this outfit


Products Used

diy sexy duck dynasty costume

Grey Wigs         Blaze Orange Tutu       White Thigh-High Stockings 


Our officially licensed Uncle Si costume is extra awesome, since it already includes a hat and glasses, both of which we put to good use in creating this look. The vest has an attached adjustable strap which you can tie in front to create the main portion of this costume. Almost done!

  • Sub out the included facial hair for our two-toned white and grey wig, to make your style extra scintillating.
  • Add a blaze orange tutu for a hunting culture-inspired girly detail!
  • Layer in some over-the-knee stockings in white, to tie in the white color of the wig.
  • Drive your ducky point home with some fake ducks! We found these at a pet shop (yes, they squeak).

diy facial hair on a stick

White Moustache          Black Cigarette Holder Prop


Uncle Si's signature beard is...well...signature. Since we subbed in a white wig, we wanted to have a white beard to match. Of course having a perma-beard on Halloween is not one of the most sexy things for a young lady, so we put it on a stick! That way you can hold it to your face for pictures, and take it down to sip on a cocktail witih ease. To make one of these cutie-patootie props for yourself:

  • Trim our White Moustache set to the desired length.
  • Hot glue one side of the trimmed facial hair to our black cigarette holder prop, or another suitable black stick.


Couples Costume Idea

duck dynasty couples costume

This post is all about the ladies, but no need to exclude your

man when he can look this great! DIY Willie instructions HERE


Characters from Breaking Bad and Duck Dynasty are already "hot" this year, but both of these sexy female looks are "hot, hot, hotter!" Go get 'em gals.

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Aleksandra Sobic

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