DIY Duck Dynasty Tuxedo Costumes

by |August 1, 2013
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Duck Dynasty Halloween Costumes

The stars of the hit reality show Duck Dynasty are a quirky family that are living the American Dream. Their family-run business making duck calls may have become a multi-million dollar operation but the Robertsons manage to keep grounded with their strong family values. They might find themselves at high-class red carpet events but they always bring their personal flair to being a "sharp dressed man". The Robertson family has brought the camouflage tuxedo look into the spotlight and it has become the quintessential outfit to wear when portraying them for Halloween. offers exclusive Mossy Oak Tuxedos will create the perfect likeness of these television icons.

Duck Dynasty Costumes

Definitely sharp dressed men.


You can start by using the wig and beards from the officially licensed costumes. Head CEO Willie and everyone's favorite Uncle Si are the two that will available for this Halloween season. Each costume comes with vest, beard and wig with attached headpiece (Uncle Si also comes with glasses). Be sure to check out our beard assortment if you are looking to fill out the rest of the Robertson family.

Willie and Si Duck Dynasty Costumes

Officially Licensed Costumes

Uncle Si Costume          Willie Costume


For the first look, we are going to take our black costume suit and add some Mossy Oak camouflage accessories for some of that trademark flair. We then took our men's black costume boots and used them as tall wading boots. You may be dressed for a night out on the town but you'll be ready to go hunting at a moment's notice.

Black Costume Suit Camo Accessories

Men's Black Suit Costume- Shop                     Mossy Oak Bow Tie- Shop

       Adult Deluxe Black Boots- Shop                      Mossy Oak Windsor Tie- Shop

Willie Duck Dynasty Halloween Costume

Willie with black suit, Mossy Oak bow tie and tall black boots.

Uncle Si Duck Dynasty Halloween Costume

Uncle Si in black suit (with rolled up pants), Mossy Oak windsor tie and tall black boots.


The next look combines the black suit with a Mossy Oak camouflage jacket or vest. You won't have to worry about getting a proper fit, these come sized from Small through 2X to insure you will not have not sacrifice being comfortable over fashionable. 

Mossy Oak Camouflage Tuxedos

Mossy Oak Tuxedo Coat- Shop                              Mossy Oak Tuxedo Vest- Shop

Willie Duck Dynasty Camo Tuxedo

Willie with Mossy Oak tuxedo coat, bow tie and tall black boots.

Uncle Si Mossy Oak Vest

Uncle Si in black suit (with rolled up pants), Mossy Oak tuxedo vest, windsor tie and tall black boots.


Willie Duck Dynasty Mossy Oak Vest

Willie sporting a sleeveless look with Mossy Oak tuxedo vest and windsor tie.


And remember- the family that dresses in camo together stays together. Hap-Pay! Hap-Pay! Hap-Pay!


Shelley Horn
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