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Grey Wigs

Sophistication! Wizened age! An air of mystery! (Even the occasional rotting ghoul.) All of these things are natural for those with a head of grey hair. But, who has the time to wait to develop that look on their own? With our Grey Wigs, you can top off your perfect costume and get right to the fun.

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Have you been seeing an increase in the number of grey- and silver-haired folks in your neighborhood? Are you looking to get in on the hottest hair trend since 2018? Well, if you wait long enough, you'll eventually get there. Technically everyone eventually goes a bit grey... but what if you're cursed with a strain of immortality that will prevent you from ever gaining that sophisticated air of the silver fox!? 

Fear not! We are here to help you acquire your beautiful mane of silver hair without the anxiety of waiting for it to develop naturally or going through the multi-step process of dyeing it yourself. (And, before you say that you'll just worry yourself grey... that's not how any of that works! You'll just lose hair that way.) We have several styles and shades of Grey and Silver Wigs that will have you looking great in your favorite new look. 

Perhaps you're aiming for that elven grace that can only come from the silver-haired princes of the forest. Maybe you've been taken in by the striking might of a white-haired superhero? What kind of wizard or king worth their salt doesn't also sport a mighty head of grey hair... and a matching beard to go with it, of course? 

Heck! We almost missed the most important grey-haired person out there! His strange magic and unending joy is a crucial component to everyone's favorite season, every year! Frankly, we're embarrassed that it took this look for us to bring up the Ghost with the Most. Beetlejuice's unique grey hair is tough to master! (You were thinking of Santa Claus? Oh... well, he's pretty cool, too!) 

No matter which style of grey hair you're looking for, from the arcane and shimmering to the old and wise, we've got the perfect Grey Wig to help you show off an amazing look. They blend great with our various costumes or even will serve to give you a more unique style for your everyday needs!