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Holiday Gift Guide 2013


Holiday Gift Guide 2013


We present to you our top holiday picks,

there are gifts for grown guys and ideas for chicks.

There's also a gift list for girls and for boys,

full of hoodies and scarves and pjs and toys!


There are geeky ideas you may find amusing -

so many of them that you'll have trouble choosing!

So go on and grab some corn just for popping,

then munch as you read this and have fun...

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Costume Ideas Based On Your Favorite Memes

DIY Meme Costume Collage


Memes weren't even "a thing" a few years ago, but now they're some of the most beloved and shared content on the internet. The fact that these fun little pictures and sayings get everyone talking ONline, means that if you dress as a popular meme for Halloween, you'll have everyone talking OFFline! Here are 10 DIY costumes that will definitely help your Halloween celebration "go viral!"


1. Dos Equis Most Interesting Man

Most Interesting Man Meme



Every man inherently thinks they're...

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How do you Halloween? Decoration Ideas!


Halloween Decorations


A big part of the fun during the Halloween season is decorating. Whether you have a house, apartment, or itty-bitty cubicle, expressing your love of all things spooky is a yearly tradition for many. There are tons of themes to choose from, so be sure and choose a motif that screams to you!




You can't go wrong with classic orange and black. It’s a great option for Halloween and even better? It's super easy to transition to a harvest theme once the...

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Creepy Calculations: 2013 Halloween Statistics

2013 creepy calculations

You probably don’t hear the phrase, “Trick or Stats” on Halloween much, but we like to think that candy & costume statistics are as enjoyable as sorting out color-coded piles of M&Ms. Halloween continues to be one of the biggest holidays year after year, and these are just a few things we’ve tracked, tasted, gathered, and compiled to show you just how big Halloween REALLY is. No tricks here… just sweet,delicious, precise facts! Check out our infographic for...

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Sexy Breaking Bad and Duck Dynasty Costume Ideas

Besides a one Miss Miley Cyrus, Walter White and Uncle Si are undoubtedly two of the most in-demand costumes of Halloween 2013. But why should the men folk have all the fun?? We put a sexy female spin on the leading characters from Breaking Bad and Duck Dynasty with a few simple DIY steps. You can easily recreate these looks for yourselves and we'll show you how. Bring on the sexy!!



Sexy Breaking Bad Header Image



The Finished Look

Sexy Breaking Bad Costume Idea

You'll definitely want to answer the door when this...

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Best New Costumes for 2013

It’s October which means if you haven't already decided, your mind is probably spinning about what you’re going to be dressing up in this Halloween! You can take a deep breath though- we've got you! We're like your comfy Halloween safety net.


Hottest 2013 Costumes Header Image


We've compiled a list of costume ideas that will have you set to be 'in the know' of what is both brand spanking new and really hip. You've got to impress your friends, after all, and we know how to do it.  All of ...

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