Creepy Calculations: 2013 Halloween Statistics

by |October 15, 2013
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2013 creepy calculations

You probably don’t hear the phrase, “Trick or Stats” on Halloween much, but we like to think that candy & costume statistics are as enjoyable as sorting out color-coded piles of M&Ms. Halloween continues to be one of the biggest holidays year after year, and these are just a few things we’ve tracked, tasted, gathered, and compiled to show you just how big Halloween REALLY is. No tricks here… just sweet,delicious, precise facts! Check out our infographic for the heaviest pumpkin in the world, best places to trick-or-treat, the trendiest costumes of the year and more.


Creepy Calculations: 2013 Halloween Statistics


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Creepy Calculations: 2013 Halloween Statistics


You can also view this video version of the Creepy Calculations infographic for added fun. The animated section about the world's largest pumpkin quickly became the favorite part of the video for everyone on the team. Enjoy these statistics again in animated form!

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Troy Eaves Swag on overdrive.