DIY Meme Costume Ideas so You Can Have the Most Interesting Costume in the World

by |October 22, 2013

DIY Meme Costume Collage


Memes weren't even "a thing" a few years ago, but now they're some of the most beloved and shared content on the internet. The fact that these fun little pictures and sayings get everyone talking ONline, means that if you dress as a popular meme for Halloween, you'll have everyone talking OFFline! Here are 10 DIY costumes that will definitely help your Halloween celebration "go viral!"


1. Dos Equis Most Interesting Man MEME Costume

Most Interesting Man Meme


Every man inherently thinks they're the most interesting man, but statistically that's impossible. At least if you dress as the Dos Equis meme - "Most Interesting Man In The World," you'll come close (and have built in one-liners all night)! Here's what we put together:


most interesting man costume

I don't always wear a costume, but when I do...


Products Used

DIY Most Interesting Man Costume

Black Costume Suit          White Wig & Moustache Kit          Plastic Cigar



2. Gersberms Girl Meme Costume

Ermagerd Girl Meme

Get ready to pull out your ermahgerd translator.

Who hasn't gotten super stinkin' excited about Goosebumps books?! Especially the choose your own adventure ones! If you want to recapture your socially awkward youth (which you have hopefully subsequently grown out of), then going as "Ermahgerd Girl" this Halloween is a great choice. Here's our take on it:


DIY Ermagerd Girl Costume


For the "books," we simply printed out pictures of Goosebumps book covers and taped them to the front of old VHS cases. Note: This is because it added to the fun DIY element, not because people who work here don't own Goosebumps books. Trust us.

ALSO, if you choose this costume you must try this "Ermahgerd Translator!" It transforms ordinary language erntr merm sperk (into meme speak).


Products Used

DIY Gersbermps Girl Costume

Blonde Pigtails Wig         Fake Braces 



3. Success Kid Meme Costume

Success Kid Meme

We all wish that we could feel as successful as this kid!



That look says it all. We heard the kid is actually making that face because he just defiantly ate a fistful of sand, but this image has since come to symbolize domination. This can apply to a moment in your personal life, your professional life, and definitely in your Halloween costume life. Here's ours:


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diy success kid costume Masks


This costume looks so spot-on because we made the head using our custom mask creator! From there all we needed to do was toss on a white baseball style t-shirt with green sleeves. SUCCESS. 



4. Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme Costume

Overly Attached girlfriend meme

This stare is perfect if you want to creep everyone out on Halloween.


Those...eyes...can't...escape...the crazy stare. Seriously, though, how fun would it be to go around creeping everyone out all Hallow's Eve simply by throwing on this facial expression and a t-shirt? Haven't mastered the creepy overly-attached stare? Don't worry. There's an app for that. Errr...a mask creator for that:


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overly attached girlfriend costume

Halloween Masks



5. Nyan Cat Meme Costume

Nyan Cat Meme

A toast to our favorite toaster pastry cat flying in outer space with a rainbow comet tail.



You know when a person is a little shallow, but they're super cute, so you let it slide? Nyan cat is the meme equivalent of this phenomenon. The lyrics may not be philosophical ( "Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow," on repeat for 3.5 minutes) but gosh DARNIT is that thing adorable.


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DIY Grumpy Cat Costume

Cat Nose       Long Rainbow Wig



6. Socially Awkward Penguin Meme Costume

socially awkward penguin meme

We see no problem with this.



Socially awkward penguin is so endearing. Perhaps it's because he's cute, but more likely it's becase we can all identify with a few of his awkward moments. A great way to wriggle out of any awkward Halloween moment, would be to dress as the Socially Awkward Penguin - get out of jail   awkward free pass!


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Awkward Penguin Costume

Penguin Mascot Costume

All Penguin Costumes



7. Condescending Wonka Meme Costume

Condescending Wonka Meme

Hands-down he's still the best Wonka to date.



Mr. Wonka has been cooped up in the chocolate factory too long and forgotten social niceties, and we LOVE it! This costume would give you a great excuse to be able to make fun of lesser costumes all night, with a smart/sophisticated air about you. "Oh, you got your costume at a thrift store? It looks like it."


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DIY Condescending Wonka Costume

Deluxe Willy Wonka Costume          Cane          Lollipop Prop



8. Grumpy Cat Meme Costume

Grumpy Cat meme

Behold- the cutest grumpy face on the planet!



You KNOW you have made it as a meme, when your status goes from "ordinary household cat," to a trademarked character! Every Halloween party needs a token "miser," so all in good fun, this year it can be you! Who knows, you may even "no, no, no" your way to costume contest victory! (Especially if you go the extra mile and use our cat makeup kit.)


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DIY Grumpy Cat Costume Idea

Cat Makeup Kit          Cat Accessories



9. Fry Meme Costume

Fry Not Sure If Meme

The iconic squint that started it all.



Futurama aired its series finale this year, so a great way to pay a fitting tribute to this smart and witty show is to go as the Fry "not sure if..." meme. The best part is, it's super easy! Simply snag one of our officially licensed Futurama Fry costumes and SQUINT!


Futurama Fry Costume Futurama Fry Costume



10. Rage Face Guy Meme Costume


Rage Face Guy Meme

We have all been here.



Woah. It would be WAY too painful to maintain a face that looked anything like that for any significant period of time. Thankfully, there's no need! You can have all the dramatic and hilarious impact of this angry little MS Paint character with none of the face-contortion effort! GETTTT OOONNEEEEEEEE!


rage face meme mask



Bonus: Mashup!

Of course this list is not limited by dressing as only ONE can always mashup your two favorites...


Gersbermps most interesting meme mashup

10/10 would meme again.


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