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Zebra Costumes

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If you've got stripes in mind for your next costume, you'll love our selection of zebra Halloween costumes! We feature kids' zebra costumes, baby zebra costumes, and zebra costumes for adults. Shop them all right here to see the latest striped styles available!
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Wild Zebra Kids Costume
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Wild Zebra Mens Costume
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Adult Zebra Suit with Mouth Mover Mask
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Girl's Zebra Costume
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Wild Zebra Toddler Costume
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Womens Sleek Zebra Costume
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Infant Zebra Costume
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Zebra Costume For Adults
Zebra Ears and Tail Kit
Ripped Tights
Zebra Wig Women's
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Black Eyelashes
Zebra Makeup Stencil Accessory
Kids Dazzling Zebra Costume
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Do you spend long nights awake, dreaming of galloping across the open plains, frolicking with your friends and dashing away from lions? Okay, so that might be kind of a weird thing to daydream about, but we like to help out anyone with a strange dream like that. You may not have been born with the natural stripes of a wild plains zebra, but with a little help from us, we can make you look stripe-tacular.

Your next step is figuring out what kind of zebra you are! For adults, we have zebra costumes and accessories to accentuate your wild side. For kids, we have Marty the Zebra from the Madagascar movies, as well as cute themed dresses. For the women who like to get really wild at a costume party, we even have a sexy zebra outfit that puts all those zebra at the zoo to shame. And if you want to be a safari attraction on a budget, we have a variety of kits and accessories you can mix and match to find your stride.