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SpongeBob Costumes

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Ooooooooooooooooh, who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Well, you know who! Now, with our SpongeBob costumes, you can become the one and only SpongeBob SquarePants from the hit Nickelodeon show. We have classic outfits that will transform you into your favorite sea critter. Just make sure to practice your jelly-fishing skills before you hop into one of our SpongeBob SquarePants costumes.
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Kids Scampering Squirrel Costume1
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Womens Sequin Pineapple Costume
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Women's Scampering Squirrel Costume
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Infant Grey Squirrel Costume
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Spongebob Squarepants Patrick Star Child Costume
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Kids White Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume
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Infant SpongeBob SquarePants Costume
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Adult White Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume
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Deluxe Squirrel Ears Headband
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Deluxe Oversized Squirrel Tail2
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Jellyfish Hat
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Deluxe King Neptune Wig
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Adult Astronaut Boots
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Kids Astronaut Boots
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Spongebob Adult Silk Touch Comfy Throw
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Women's Jellyfish Costume
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Spongebob Squarepants Inflatable Adult Costume
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Spongebob Squarepants Adult Squidward Costume
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SpongeBob Costume Ideas

Ready to make the dive into Bikini Bottom? First, you better have your best pals, Patrick Star and Sandy Cheeks with you. Also, bring a boat-load of Krabby Patties because you have to prepare yourself for living in a pineapple under the sea. First,  you have to make sure you are ready for such a commitment. After all, your new neighbor will be Squidward, an ornery squid who pays the clarinet poorly, plus you'll have to keep an eye peeled for that microscopic little pest, Plankton.

If you are getting cold feet about moving all the way down to Bikini Bottom, we don't blame you! You can always just opt for becoming Spongebob Squarepants for Halloween instead!  Here at, we have a size and style for just about everyone in the family. There's even an exclusive Adult Starfish costume for you so you and your bust bud can go as the goofy pair of friends, Spongebob and Patrick. This Halloween, show your love of this modern cartoon classic with our wonderful Spongebob costumes! Ay ay, captain! How To

SpongeBob Halloween Costumes

If you've ever wondered what the best SpongeBob Halloween costumes are, we have you covered. Our selection of SpongeBob costumes offers a collection that embodies the spirit of everyone's favorite under-the-sea characters!

Adults can channel the iconic SpongeBob or the ever-goofy Patrick with our inflatable costumes, designed for an unforgettable entrance. Kiddos aren't left out; they can immerse themselves in the playful universe with a kid-friendly inflatable SpongeBob costume or a cute Patrick Star costume. They're perfect for memory-making Halloween escapades!

And let's not forget our furry companions. Now, even your four-legged buddy can join in the fun with a SpongeBob dog costume. Whether it's a neighborhood parade, a Halloween fest, or a costume-themed gathering, these outfits promise to sprinkle a bit of Bikini Bottom magic wherever you go!

Inflatable SpongeBob Costumes

Inflatable SpongeBob Costumes

Get ready to make waves in our Inflatable SpongeBob Costume! Crafted from durable polyester windbreaker fabric, this outfit ensures you'll stand out in any crowd. Slide into the bodysuit via the handy back zipper and know that the suit will hold air thanks to the elastic sleeve cuffs.

The mesh viewports in SpongeBob's eyes offer a sneak peek of the outside world. With attached shoe covers, you'll sport a flawless SpongeBob look from head to toe. Just tuck the battery pack into its side pocket, and you're good to go. And those all-over printed graphics? They're the icing on the cake.

For true SpongeBob SquarePants aficionados, this costume is a dream come true! It captures the essence and whimsy of our beloved square-shaped hero. Whether you're humming the theme song or quoting your favorite lines, this costume offers a unique, immersive experience that fellow fans will truly appreciate. Dive into the fun and let your SpongeBob spirit shine!

Inflatable Patrick Costumes

Inflatable Patrick Costumes

Starfish magic comes alive with our inflatable Patrick costume! It's a larger-than-life outfit that promises to turn heads! Slip into the durable windbreaker fabric bodysuit and secure it in the back, thanks to the back zipper, and let the elastic cuffs at the sleeves and ankles ensure an airtight fit.

The printed suit has all-over graphics that show off Patrick's face and clothing. And there are mesh viewports in Patrick's eyes that let you catch glimpses of the world outside. Power up the fan at the back with 4 AA batteries (remember to bring them along), and watch the costume puff up with inflatable starfish splendor.

There's really no doubt about it, this blow up Patrick costume perfectly captures the character's lovable charm. Whether at a party or a parade, this costume will let you steal the show as Bikini Bottom's goofiest resident!

Kids SpongeBob Costumes

Kids SpongeBob Costumes

If you have a little sea adventurer who's craving a SpongeBob SquarePants adventure this Halloween, they can set sail in this SpongeBob child costume. It features a delightful blend of soft polyester fleece and jersey knit fabric, ensuring your child has free movement and stays comfy all night. The tunic, fastened with a hook & loop at the back, proudly displays SpongeBob's radiant face and that quirky stuffed nose we all adore.

The tunic's stiffened shape captures SpongeBob's signature boxy appearance, while the jersey knit sleeves offer added warmth. The accompanying pants mimic SpongeBob's shorts, fitting effortlessly with their elastic waistband. The tunic even has a little red tie that helps bring the SpongeBob look to life!

Whether your little one is hitting a kid's costume party or gathering candy door-to-door, this outfit guarantees a splash of SpongeBob fun for a Halloween they will always remember!

SpongeBob Dog Costumes

SpongeBob Dog Costumes

Calling all pet parents! Imagine the streets buzzing about the cutest (and squarest!) pet strutting down the block. All it will take is our SpongeBob SquarePants Dog Costume – an ensemble designed for your four-legged friend to steal the spotlight! Crafted from 100% polyester with a touch of fiberfill stuffing and polyurethane foam, this hooded jumpsuit offers both style and comfort.

The costume offers a foam-backed sponge-shaped hood that pairs with fabric pants designed specifically for your dog's front legs to create the SpongeBob look. Classic printed graphics add SpongeBob's face and clothing details for character authenticity.

Do you have a variety of fur friends? We've got sizes to fit most small and medium breeds. Whether you're parading your pet at the dog park, joining a pet costume contest, or simply capturing that Instagram-worthy moment, this outfit is the talk of the town. From Chihuahuas to Beagles, let your pet make a splash at gatherings and events with the SpongeBob dog costume!

SpongeBob Character Costumes

Ever daydreamed about chilling in Bikini Bottom with the coolest crew underwater? Well, this is your chance! From our main guy SpongeBob SquarePants to the chillaxing Patrick Star, we've got you covered with our licensed SpongeBob and Patrick costumes. Oh, and for the old-school fans, how about turning up the nostalgia with our Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy costumes? We sell all of these great SpongeBob character costumes here on our site.

Our selection of costumes and SpongeBob costume accessories is all about the details, making sure you totally nail the look. Whether you're gearing up for a wild Halloween bash, a SpongeBob marathon night, or just feel like dressing up 'cause why not, we've got the perfect fit for your sea bottom adventure. Dive in, pick your fave, and let's have some fun!

Adult SpongeBob Costume Ideas

If you're ready to roleplay as the one and only SpongeBob SquarePants there are many costume ideas you'll want to consider. Start your shopping by taking a look at our classic Adult SpongeBob Costume.

Crafted from plush polyester fleece, this costume comes with a tunic that's cleverly stiffened to get that iconic boxy SpongeBob look. The printed face and pop-out nose on the front are sure to make heads turn. And those pants? Styled to mimic SpongeBob's signature shorts, they've got an elastic waistband to stay in place all night long.

But, if you're more of a onesie kind of person, just check out our SpongeBob Onesie for adults. This slick jumpsuit, adorned with SpongeBob graphics all over, will wrap you in warmth. Zip it up in front, pull on that hood with its adorable foam-panel SpongeBob face, and get ready to feel just like the zany character! Whether you're lounging or trick-or-treating, this onesie will have you covered.

Patrick Costumes

Bikini Bottom buddies, assemble! Want to rock the relaxed, easy-going vibe of everyone's favorite pink starfish? Say no more, our Patrick Star collection is here to make a splash!

Kick things off with our Patrick Star Onesie. Slip into this all-over graphic onesie, zip it up, and admire those embroidered details on the hood. This hooded sensation offers full-on Patrick vibes from head to toe. And you will be ready to bring Patrick's charm wherever you go!

For the gals out there, strut your stuff in our Patrick Star Women's Costume. This outfit is a romper that boasts tulle shoulder caps for extra style. Slide into the leggings, pop on the headband with Patrick's gleeful expression, and voila, you're starfish-chic!

Whether for Halloween, a wacky SpongeBob-themed get-together with friends or just for cozy stay-in situations, we have a Patrick Star costume that will be just right. Suit up, and let's make some underwater memories!

Mermaid Man Costumes

Our SpongeBob costume ideas aren't just limited to the main characters. Remember the dynamic duo, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, who once battled underwater villains like Man Ray and Atomic Flounder? Now, you can become one of Bikini Bottom's most iconic semi-retired superheroes with our Mermaid Man Costume!

Our costume comes complete with a pullover tunic that ensures a comfortable fit. The tunic has a hook and loop fastener at the back of the neck, and it's filled with fiberfill to achieve Mermaid Man's signature plump appearance. The jersey knit pants, adorned with faux fur foot covers, have an elastic waistband for ease. The elastic bands under each foot keep everything in place as you tackle evil.

And, to capture Mermaid Man's distinct look, the costume includes a foam nose piece with a plastic band to secure it. Finish off the ensemble with the pull-on jersey knit gloves featuring foam tops, and you're ready to shout, "Evil!" and defend Bikini Bottom!

Barnacle Boy Costumes

You can also set sail on a superhero adventure as the loyal sidekick to Mermaid Man with our Barnacle Boy Costume! As part of the celebrated duo from Bikini Bottom's classic tales, Barnacle Boy played a pivotal role in keeping the underwater city safe from evildoers like the devious Man Ray.

This costume brings Barnacle Boy's character to life with a pullover shirt, which boasts a sailor collar and fabric ties that loop effortlessly at the neckline. The shorts, designed for easy wear, feature a comfy elastic waistband. No Barnacle Boy look would be complete without his distinctive sailor hat, which comes with a stiffened brim.

But that's not all. Dive into the details with the plastic eyeglass frame, complemented by an attached fiberfill-stuffed nose. This ensures you capture his memorable look! The foam-backed boot covers are designed with precision and gloves add the finishing touch so you will be set to team up with Mermaid Man to save the day! Monster