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The saying goes, "you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose." But now you can with our selection of prosthetic noses and snouts! For Halloween, cosplay, or dress-up games, this collection of fake noses has the defining features your look needs! So, grab the costume nose that brings your sheep, pig, flamingo, or elephant to life by shopping our unique catalog of schnozzes, beaks, and bills!
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As far as defining features go, noses can't be ignored. Big, small, pointy, button, or hardly there at all, a nose goes the length to make every face unique. So, when looking to transform from human to animal for a school play or to become the Wicked Witch of the West for Halloween, don't forget the nose!

Ensure every costume character or creature is fully recognizable with help from our selection of costume noses and snouts! Offering a range of easy-to-wear fake noses and prosthetics that provide a seamless transformation, this catalog of schnozzes is the perfect place to find what you need!

Become a sweet bunny with a twitchy strap-on rabbit nose complete with whiskers and buckteeth! Create a classic school house costume for a dramatic reading of The Three Blind Mice with a pointy little mouse snout that's sure to inspire playtimes beyond the one classic Mother Goose tale.

Love a good kitty cat costume for Halloween? Purrfect your styling with easy-to-wear cat nose accessories in place of a make-up-drawn nose. With the 3D option at your disposal, you're sure to be feline fine!

Keep the animal stylings coming by pairing any of our cat, bear, or wolf snouts with a make-up kit that promises an even more convincing transformation! After all, a tiger needs both a nose and fierce stripes. Meanwhile, leopard-print catsuits and fluffy bear onesies are sure to benefit from the addition of make-up textures on your face that compliment your new nose!

Got a different animal costume in mind and can't find the beak, bill, or snout that matches? Put our available selection to the test by adapting a dog nose for a brown bear or a sheep nose for your sassy llama costume. See how an elephant trunk prosthetic can be utilized for your anteater ensemble or how a fake flamingo beak might be used for something entirely unrelated! Even our wicked witch nose prosthetic is ready to conjure something different when given a chance!

Whatever your costume goal, our prosthetic snouts and fake noses are here to help! Whether our selection inspires a brand new idea or perfectly matches the ensemble you've already dreamed up, it's got your nose! So dive on in and pick that nose that's sure to distinguish your costume from the pack!

Not finding what you were hoping for, still? Never fear! We continue to expand and diversify our selections to ensure all our customers have the very best costume experience. So, check back again or explore our other sections for the accessories that guarantee a very happy Halloween and beyond!