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We can tell you how to get to Sesame Street! It’s really quite easy! Gear up for good family-friendly fun with Sesame Street costumes from our selection! Discover the Sesame Street costume for adults that you’ve been longing for. Get the kiddos in on the fun with Elmo toddler costumes they’ll love! Just don’t forget a Big Bird costume so that happy songbird can lead the way!
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Elmo Baby Carrier Cover Costume
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Cookie Monster Baby Carrier Cover
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Deluxe Abby Cadabby Costume
Sesame Street Oscar Baby Carrier Cover
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Sometimes while you are taking a bath, do you feel the sudden urge to belt out the tune, "Rubber Ducky" or do you often get cookie cravings in which you want to stuff as many chocolate chip cookies in your mouth at one time? Or do you sometimes feel the urge to jump into a trash can and turn it into your new home?

Just admit it, you always wished you lived on Sesame Street! Then say no more, we have the perfect costumes for you to make you feel like you are a bright and fuzzy muppet! Who says Sesame Street is just an educational program for toddlers and little kids? Adults could always use a refresher course on how to eat healthy and the basics of brushing ones teeth.

Now you and your buddy can dress up as the muppet best friend duo Bert and Ernie, just be prepared to hear 'couple' jokes all night long. And of course, we have an assortment of colorful and frilly costumes for the kids. Warm up with a knitted Sesame Street laplander hat; we have them for the whole family! Pick from Bert, Ernie, Oscar, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and Elmo! How To

Sesame Street Halloween Costumes

Sesame Street Halloween Costume

Cookie Monster Costumes

C is for cookies, C is for costume, and guess what? We've got a whole lotta both for your next dress-up adventure! That's right, folks – we're talkin' Cookie Monster costumes so fuzzy, so delightful, they'll have you saying, "Me want hug… myself?" (Don't worry, it's a good thing.) These aren't your average costumes – they're ready for hours of cookie-fueled fun!

Whether you're a pint-sized kiddo or a grown-up who appreciates the finer things in life (like giant cookies), we have the perfect Cookie Monster Halloween costume for you. We're talkin' full-body suits that'll transform you into a walking, talking cookie-craving machine, or comfy hoodies that'll keep your little one warm while scouting the next batch of deliciousness on the trick-or-treat trail.

Elmo Costumes

Calling all sunshine seekers and giggle enthusiasts! Buckle up because we're about to set sail on a tidal wave of cuteness with our epic collection of Elmo costumes! Perfect for tiny tots ready to conquer their first Halloween or for an adult who needs a daily dose of fuzzy fun, we've got Elmo gear that will turn you into Sesame Street's favorite red monster.

Buy an Elmo onesie costume and you'll be bouncing with glee or consider a cozy Elmo romper for your little one's first Elmo adventure. Heck, we've even got an Elmo carrier cover for the tiniest Elmo fans to join the cuddle puddle! Just be warned – uncontrollable fits of giggling may occur. But hey, that's the magic of Elmo, right? Let's get this fuzzy party started!

Big Bird Costumes

Big Bird fans will be happy to learn that we offer a flock of fantastic Big Bird costumes that'll have you feeling like an eight-foot walking ray of sunshine! These vibrant yellow costumes capture the essence of everyone's favorite tall friend, complete with a giant, friendly beak that's perfect for "beep, beep" greetings.

Our Big Bird Halloween costumes come in a variety of styles for all ages, from an Inflatable Big Bird Costume that'll transform you into the real deal to a Big Bird hoodie costume that's extra cozy. These outfits are comfy enough to last through hours of flight (or, you know, regular playtime) and guaranteed to make each wearer the star of the show. Just be prepared for an avalanche of hugs – Big Bird's infectious enthusiasm has that effect!

Oscar the Grouch Costumes

Ditch the sunshine and rainbows and embrace the world's most lovable curmudgeon with one of our Oscar the Grouch costumes! These Oscar outfits come in all sizes, including kids, adults, and even pets. They're perfect for champions of couch potato living and enthusiasts of selective socialization. Or for any normally cheery person who just wants a turn at playing the part of a grouch!

These costumes aren't just green and grumpy – they're comfy and creatively crafted, complete with details like Oscar's signature trash can. So, get ready to spread some delightfully grouchy vibes and remind everyone that sometimes, the best way to celebrate is with a good ol' fashioned grouch-fest. After all, who says you can't look adorable while muttering about the weather? Embrace the grumpiness with an Oscar the Grouch costume!

Bert and Ernie Costumes

Forget the costume struggle – double the fun and the laughs with Bert and Ernie costumes this Halloween! Perfect for a pair of goofballs who love Sesame Street, these costumes are the recipe for an unforgettable party entrance. We're talking Bert's classic striped shirt and his perpetually furrowed brow, paired with Ernie's infectious cheer and his delightful grin.

Each costume's oversized, soft-sculpted head will have you looking like you materialized straight out of 123 Sesame Street, complete with matching mitts to continue the look. Get ready to recreate hilarious skits, deliver playful banter, and remind everyone that friendship is the ultimate adventure. With our Bert and Ernie Halloween costumes, you'll be the most delightful double act at any event, guaranteed to leave a trail of smiles wherever you go!

Abby Cadabby Costumes

Our Abby Cadabby costumes are the perfect potion to transform you into Sesame Street's most whimsical fairy friend. With options for kids and adults, these outfits are bursting with Abby's signature pastel colors, complete with fluttery fairy wings and a sparkly wand that's practically guaranteed to sprinkle fairy dust and grant wishes (or at least start a serious giggle fit).

These outfits are both comfy and adorable, designed to make you feel like you hopped straight out of Sesame Street. You're about to cast a spell of joy and wonder on everyone around you! With an Abby Cadabby Halloween costume, you or your kiddo will be spreading smiles wherever you go. Just watch out for a sugar rush of happiness – it's a side effect of too much Abby Cadabby magic! Monster