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Yo Ho, Yo Ho! A pirate's life for you! With one of our pirate costumes, you can lead a life of high seas adventure... or at the very least, you can look like a swashbuckling scoundrel at your next costume party! We carry plenty of pirate Halloween costume styles, complete with pirate captain costumes for both men and women. We also have plenty of Jack Sparrow and Captain Hook costumes if you're looking to cosplay as your favorite movie pirate!
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Filter offers one of the most comprehensive collections of pirate Halloween costumes on the web. We carry adult, child, and plus size pirate costumes, as well as sexy pirate costumes. Whether you are looking for a kid's pirate costume or an adult pirate costume, we have what you want for your next Halloween or theme party.

Need a birthday theme? There's nothing better than giving kids the freedom to imagine an adventure out on the sea, especially while dressed in a pirate outfit! We have cute pirate costumes for your little ones and their friends. You've come to the right place to find the perfect costume kids will love! You could even join in on the fun and dress up in an adult pirate costume. 

We also carry Pirates of the Caribbean movie costumes so you can dress like your favorite swashbuckling characters. Find many of our costumes in sizes x-small to a variety of plus sizes at a great price! This year, let us help you choose the perfect pirate Halloween costume so you can find all the loot! How To

Pirate Halloween Costumes

Ahoy there matey! Looking to stand out at your next costume party? If you’re searching for the perfect pirate look, we've got just what you need. Whether you imagine yourself as a classic Blackbeard or a modern-day Jack Sparrow, one of our pirate costumes can give you the swagger and style of an iconic buccaneer. And when it comes to the best selection of pirate costumes for adults and children, X marks the spot. Because we're your one-stop shopping spot!

We offer a treasure trove of kid's pirate costumes, exclusive men's and women's pirate costumes, and unique pirate hats. With the variety of costumes and accessories we sell, you'll be able to find everything need to create your own memorable pirate look. From a captain's hat to a pirate eye patch, you can mix and match pieces to create a one-of-a-kind costume. So, grab a tankard of grog, strike a pose, and prepare for an adventure-filled night. Your crew is waiting!

Adult Pirate Costumes

Pirate costumes are a popular choice for men and women thanks to the prominence of pirate stories in pop culture. From vintage Hollywood swashbuckling tales to Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean to the gritty television hit Black Sails, there's no shortage of great stories to draw upon for Halloween inspiration. And our selection of adult pirate outfits includes options for any kind of pirate character you'd like to be.

We have many great options for pirate men's costumes, including of course, the iconic Jack Sparrow costume, but also deluxe outfits dreamt up and designed by our costume design team. And our selection of women's pirate costumes is nothing short of astonishing. From the classic Pretty Pirate Costume to the stunning Seven Seas Pirate Costume, you have no shortage of great options to consider. You can even choose a pirate wench costume, if you're so inclined!

Men's Pirate Costumes

Men's Pirate Costume

Choosing one of our men's pirate costumes is a great idea for any gent who wants a classic yet timeless Halloween outfit. And our Blackbeard Pirate Costume is an exceptional choice! The Made By Us ensemble comes with everything you need to make a statement that can't be forgotten — from the faux linen jacket with printed details to the faux suede pirate hat. Have your mates watch in awe as you come onboard boasting a pair of plastic pirate pistols to complete your daring pirate look worthy of any Caribbean grotto!

Jack Sparrow Costumes

Jack Sparrow Costume

Roleplaying as Jack Sparrow is so much more fun than wearing a generic pirate costume. Not only will you stand out in the crowd with a full Jack Sparrow get-up, but you'll also be able to bring your inner pirate to life as you do your best impression of the unforgettable movie character. You can swashbuckle and spout Jack's trademark phrases with abandon, or put your own unique spin on the role. With the whimsical style of a Jack Sparrow costume, you can be sure that your Halloween experience will be anything but boring!

Women's Pirate Costumes

Women's Pirate Costume

Attention lady pirate fans! You'll be able to set sail on the high seas this Halloween and show everyone that you’re the most stylish rogue on board with our Skeleton Flag Pirate Costume for women. This remarkable ensemble features a blouse and faux leather corset, with a wrap skirt that features an oversized print of the Jolly Roger flag to bolster your reputation as a sea scallywag. This pirate dress is a top-seller among the many exceptional pirate woman costumes we sell. But you can't go wrong with any of the other options to let your inner seafarer shine through, either!

Plus Size Pirate Costumes

Plus Size Pirate Costume

For plus size costumes, our Men's Deluxe Captain Hook Costume is a premium choice. The outfit is great for any aspiring buccaneer who'd like an eye-catching and exciting outfit. This deluxe costume includes a luxuriously made jacket of red velvet with black velvet trim, waistcoat, pants, a white jabot with lace trim, hat, and a pair of boot tops--meaning that you'll have everything you need to set sail. All of our top-selling pirate costumes are available in plus sizes, so be sure to shop them all to find the one that will make you truly feel like sea scum.

Pirate Costumes for Kids

From pirate toys to adventure novels, nearly every child grows up hearing about the legendary exploits of pirates. So, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that boys and girls pirate costumes are popular options every season!

Kids love these swashbuckling outfits for Halloween—and for playtime as well. Boy and girl pirate costumes provide an opportunity to be creative, to dress up as the hero of their own story, and to make ample use of accessories like swords, eye patches, and pirate hats. Moreover, they tie into the fantasy and fun that children crave. Little ones can imagine being part of a treasure hunt and feel empowered as they run around pretending to sail the seven seas.

Really, it's no wonder pirate costumes are such a hit with kiddos. Some of our top child pirate costumes include the Ship Captain Costume, the Plunderous Pirate Costume, and the Brown Coat Pirate Costume. We even have a Toddler Pirate Parrot Costume and a Baby Captain Hook Costume to get tiny tots in on the fun!

Boy's Pirate Costumes

Boy's Pirate Costume

The stylish Boy's Ship Captain Pirate Costume is just what your child needs to stand out from the crowd this Halloween season. The costume comes with a long jacket with decorative buttons and faux pockets, elastic-waisted pants, a vest with attached shirt collar, a hat and feather, a belt, and a head scarf to boot. It's one of the most popular boy's pirate costumes we sell—it really looks amazing with extra accessories like an eyepatch and plastic cutlass. We're sure your kid will love it so much they'll be begging you to take them trick-or-treating in pirate style!

Girl's Pirate Costumes

Girl's Pirate Costume

The Brown Coat Pirate Costume is our top-selling pirate outfit for girls. If your child likes creative play, nothing brings out their imagination and enthusiasm like the prospect of being a pirate! From sword fights to treasure hunts, little girls can let their imaginations run wild as they become the fearless heroines of their own swashbuckling adventures. Deck her and all of her buccaneer friends out in fun and frilly pirate costumes, and they'll be equally ready for playtime or for plundering the neighborhood in search of Halloween candy.

Toddler Pirate Costumes

Toddler Pirate Costume

If your family is dressing up in a pirate theme, making your toddler the parrot is sure to make them the center of attention! Our Parrot Pirate Toddler Costume features a plush parrot tunic, complete with a beak, eye patch, and pirate hat on the hood. The brightly colored costume is eye-catching and unique. And not only will your little one look adorable, but your family's pirate crew will look even more formidable with the captain's parrot in tow. This costume will also be reusable for playtime, which means afternoon adventures in your children's pirate kingdom will be even more colorful!

Baby Pirate Costumes

Baby Pirate Costume

Pirates are notorious for their vile and conniving ways. They have a reputation for stealing or plundering other ships, taking hostages, and worse! That might give you pause before dressing your baby up as a scallywag. But the juxtaposition between the cute, cuddly image of a baby and the tough, ruthless image of a pirate is sure to add some humor to your Halloween! Our Infant Pirate Costume will make your little one look like a salty sea dog in no time. The classic combo of the striped pants and vest with a skull and crossbones logo will make your kiddo look just like a ruthless pirate.

Pirate Accessories

Once you're close to setting sail with your pirate crew, you'll find yourself doing a final checklist before unleashing your brazen buccaneers out on the world. You can be sure that pirate accessories will be at the top of that list because you don't want your buccos to go into battle without a pirate sword, hat, and eyepatch. And maybe a mustache and head scarf, too!

Pirate Accessories

Be sure to choose items that not only look great, but also reflect the personality and style of your band of misfits. Whether you need a full arsenal of plastic swords and toy guns to outfit your plunderous pirates or just need a few key add-ons to complete the perfect pirate costume, we have you covered. Just read on to learn more about the most essential pirate costume accessories.

Pirate Hats

Wearing a pirate costume without a hat would be a bad idea because it truly is the crowning accessory to any buccaneer outfit! Pirate hats are essential for creating a realistic look and we sell a variety of options to complete your costume. Our selection includes the traditional tricorn pirate hat, as well as ornate pirate captain hats, and women's pirate hats sized and styled just for lady pirates. Just shop all of the options we offer to find the hat that will give your look an authentic feel.

Pirate Eye Patch

If you're looking for a finishing touch to your perfect pirate ensemble, you may want to consider donning an eyepatch. While a pirate eye patch might be considered cliche, it's still a great way to help you stand out and make your costume more memorable. The eyepatch can make your look feel more authentic and can add the extra bit of flair and mystery to really take your look up a notch. Shop our Eyepatch And Earring Pirate Set to add a classic eyepatch to your outfit!

Pirate Sword Toy

A pirate sword is an iconic accessory for any pirate costume. Not only does it add an air of danger and true swashbuckling style to your ensemble, but it also helps bring the entire look together. Whether you're aiming for a traditional pirate aesthetic or something more modern, a sword is essential to complete the outfit. Plus, it's always fun to wield one. One made of safe and sturdy plastic, that is! Take a look at our Silver Pirate Cutlass and Pirates of the Caribbean Sword and Scabbard to see the best options.

Toy Pirate Gun

A pirate flintlock pistol is a great add-on to any pirate costume and can really add some dastardly style to a scallywag outfit. For extra fun, you can even use plastic toy guns to recreate the famous pistol dueling scenes of pirate lore. Prop guns make it easy to accessorize your pirate get-up without breaking the bank and we sell some exceptionally realistic options. But safety first—all of our toy flintlock guns feature orange safety tips to make sure everyone knows you're just a pretend pirate! Monster