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Peppa Pig Costumes

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From playtime to their first trick-or-treat, Peppa Pig costumes for your kiddo can’t be beat! Make the fun a family affair with a Mummy Pig costume and Daddy Pig costume to pair with your little one’s Peppa or George Pig costume! With everything from a Peppa Pig toddler costume that brings Peppa’s pirate adventures to life to Peppa Pig Halloween costumes perfect for your graceful ballerina, there’s a playful look for everyone!
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Peppa Pig is a barnyard cutie who can really do it all. She doesn't just roll around in the mud like most pigs, Peppa is always venturing off with her friends whether it be riding bikes to the swimming pool or trips to the playground with her little brother George. It's easy for adults to see why young viewers are so obsessed with the popular Nick Jr. show, mostly because Peppa is a spirited little pig who is always on the go.

Although Peppa is just a pig, she's a great role model for little girls. So, if your daughter wants to dress like her, it's a good thing. We offer a few different varieties of Peppa Pig costumes like a ballerina or a pirate styles so your little one will love to add these treasured outfits to her dress-up wardrobe. Going on adventures while in a a Peppa Pig toddler dress will become her new favorite activity!  

For the perfect Peppa Pig family costumes, gather your relatives to join in on the fun and dress up in Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, and George Pig costumes. How To

Peppa Pig Halloween Costumes

The playful mind of your preschooler seems to unfold on screen. It’s almost as if the writers of Peppa Pig read the illegible diary you’re certain is hiding under your toddler’s bed. Or maybe your toddler is actually a consultant for the show. Either way, it wouldn’t surprise you.

From the moment your little one wakes to the moment they crawl back into bed, they’re all about Peppa. Getting dressed for the day features ballet twirls. Daycare reports document your Peppa obsessed kiddo helping their playground pals learn the importance of wearing a hat, scarf, and gloves on snowy days. And from playtime to storytime, you and your toddler enjoy endless Peppa Pig tales.

Peppa Pig Costumes

Help your child explore their Peppa Pig dreams even further with Peppa Pig costumes! When you start with a costume from our selection, your child is ready for any Peppa adventure. Whether that’s reliving Peppa’s big trip to Hollywood to star as a broccoli in Super Potato's newest movie or dressing up to trick-or-treat, this selection lets your little one become the one and only Peppa!

Looking for even more costume or playtime inspiration? Splash into the muddy puddle-filled world of Peppa Pig with us! We’ll detail a few of our Peppa Pig costume ideas and how you can bring them home for the whole family to enjoy!

Peppa Pig Dresses

Peppa Pig Dresses

When Peppa and George found odds and ends from Mummy and Daddy’s closet, they didn’t just show off their new looks. Peppa and George made believe they were their parents, and their parents pretended right along with them. On Career Day, Peppa and her classmates learned all about the jobs their parents and grandparents hold. From Dr. Bear to Miss Rabbit and her plethora of exciting roles, Peppa and her playgroup undoubtedly imagined filling each. And while they watch the fun unfold on the page or screen, your kiddo is surely doing the same!

With wide-eyed wonder, Peppa Pig relates the world to your toddler in a way that encourages play. And when you watch or read along, the charm of preschool playtime draws you in just as well. So whether your child hopes to dress like their favorite piggy in her signature dress or longs to follow Peppa’s tiny hoof tracks into a playtime profession, we can get your little one—and you—all set up!

Peppa Pig Cosplay

Dressing up like Peppa is one thing, but really stepping into the role with Peppa Pig cosplay can expand the world in new ways. Starting with one of our available Peppa Pig ensembles makes transforming into the sweet piggy simple. By adding some accessories, however, Peppa truly comes to life. Pop a fluffy petticoat into your cart and your little one is ready to twirl snort and giggle all day long. Turn an entire Saturday into Peppa playtime with pink face paint to really become the little pig. Paired with all the costumes here or mixed and matched with your child’s own wardrobe, they’ll have everything they need to follow their imagination!

Mummy Pig Costume

We didn't forget Mummy and Daddy Pig! If you're watching along with your preschooler, chances are you've felt the urge to play dress up and hop into some mud puddles yourself. You've at least craved some ice cream while the cast of characters enjoys their own. So fill your closet with costumes and accessories that let you join your little Peppa Pig fan on their playtime adventures! Mummy and Daddy Pig are always ready with silly hats or fancy dress to make even ordinary moments more exciting. Pair our available Mummy and Daddy Pig costumes with costume jewelry or any accessory fit for the toybox for dress-up sessions that you and yours aren’t soon to forget!

Peppa Pig Halloween Costumes

Peppa Pig Halloween Costumes

A four-year-old who loves using their imagination and playing dress-up is sure to have a wardrobe perfect for Halloween. But whether you're still building a collection for your little one or they've got every animal costume imaginable, we're here to keep the mothballs from settling.

There may be a witch’s dress stashed in the toybox, ready for every playtime. And whether with Peppa, George, or your child’s own wild dreams, they’ll come in handy. But when it’s time to take those looks to Halloween, combining character and classic costumes can take the experience from playtime to trick-or-treat! It won’t do to stick to the wrinkled dress paired with a trick-or-treat bucket. Luckily, our Peppa Pig Halloween costumes are the easy solution for the whole family! Read on for a quick overview of our available sizes and a couple classic Peppa Pig kids costumes that are sure to inspire easy group costumes and family adventures!

Peppa Pig Costume for Toddler

Peppa Pig is well suited for even the youngest children. With its soft colors and happy tone, even sick days are simply explained and made less scary. Whether your little one is nervous about the dark or the spooky costumes that might be out, a Peppa Pig toddler’s costume could save Halloween. A Peppa Pig kids costume in sizes as small as 2T can help your toddler feel comfortable and warm, even as brave as their favorite character. But could Peppa plus a friend make Halloween feel even less scary for your little one? We think so! So, when your child asks to bring their best buddy along and the trick-or-treat crew grows, build a look for everyone! Sheep and bunny suits can easily create DIY Suzy Sheep costumes, and Richard Rabbit costumes are perfect companions for your toddler’s Peppa Pig or George Pig costume!

Peppa Pig Costume for Adults

Preparing to take your little one on their first trick-or-treat? Maybe looking for a playful costume for your friend's Halloween party? Make the holiday as charming as imaginable with Peppa Pig costumes fit for adults! A Mummy and Daddy pig couple's costume is sure to make your friends snort with laughter. You can take our simple options and make them even more enjoyable, too. Simply complement the costumes with makeup kits. or enjoy some mommy-and-me time with a Peppa Pig costume that matches your child's to a T. With sizes and characters for kids and adults, our selection puts no restriction on your imagination. So pick your piggy and explore our entire accessory collection to build a character unique to you and yours!

Peppa Pig Pirate Costume

Maybe Grandad Dog didn't think hunting for pirate treasure would cause a sensation. But after seeing Peppa and George sail to Pirate Island and hearing the harrowing tale of hiding Pedro Pony's glasses as treasure—and then needing to retrace their steps to discover them again—it's clear playing pirate is a hit! And if Peppa does it, your kiddo wants to as well! Where better to embrace some swashbuckling fun than for Halloween? From classic pirate costumes paired with a bounty of accessories to our available Peppa pirate option, we're sure you and yours will be inspired to put together your own ship crew. So dive into our selection and then take to the high seas to claim all that sweet Halloween candy treasure that’s calling your names.

Peppa Pig Ballerina Costume

It may have only happened once, but Peppa Pig's ballet performance sticks like glue. Geared up in her ballet outfit and ready to learn everything Madame Gazelle can teach, Peppa takes to the practice with all the excitement in the world. From floor-shaking jumps to mixed-up swan movements, Peppa and her friends get a tiny taste of what the skill involves. But what's more fun than flapping your arms like a swan while oinking? Or leaping into the air and trying to make the biggest sound with the landing? To a preschooler, not much! Take inspiration from the iconic Peppa Pig moment and create a Halloween costume fit for family and friends! With ballerina costumes in our wider selection and our available Peppa Pig ballet option, everyone can get involved. After all, even Mummy and Daddy once practiced ballet!

Peppa Pig Family Costume

Peppa Pig Family Costume

After all our talk of group costumes and playtimes full of dress-up, we're sure you're ready to learn the easiest way to bring it home. And here you have it: a Peppa Pig family costume! Our selection of Mummy, Daddy, George, and Peppa are perfect for a set of four to enjoy. Settle in for a few episodes of the cartoon while dressed as Daddy and George. Or encourage a deeper understanding of the Peppa Pig picture book you've read five times today as Mummy and Peppa. Suit up as your child's favorite character in holiday accessories to make the day merrier than ever. Or plan a Peppa Pig birthday party for your toddler and their Pepp-obsessed playgroup! With everything from officially licensed costumes to pig, giraffe, and superhero accessories that can bring even Super Potato to life, our available options make it happen! Enjoy our last few suggestions on how to bring it all together.

Peppa Pig Outfit

Peppa's look is pretty simple. A dress and simple flats for dancing or getting filthy in mud puddles are all it takes. But while muddy messes are fun in the moment, the clean-up may not be your or your kiddo's cup of tea. Luckily, with a costume and the accessories to match, you can keep their school clothes clean and let their Peppa costumes become the play clothes meant for puddles! Intended for dress-up and Halloween celebrations instead of daycare and family visits, any of the costumes here are great for unrestricted playtime. Pick up a pair of kids costume shoes or boots for outdoor exploring. Add patterned or solid-colored tights to keep them warm while playing in the rain or trick-or-treat in the crisp October air.

George Pig Costume

George’s favorite things include his dinosaur, chocolate cake, and playing with Peppa. In the end, you can’t really have one without the other, especially if your toddler is as big a fan of Peppa as George is of his favorite things. Unite the fast-friends and siblings with our available Peppa Pig George Pig costume and any of our Peppa costumes. Your little George smaller than our available options? Dress yourself or your eldest in a Peppa dress and pair it with an baby pig costume! Or pair your kiddo’s Peppa costume with a dinosaur costume fit for the littlest member of your family—even the family dog could fill the spare role with pet costumes available here. For chocolate cake, we suggest adding Granny to the mix. She's always good for a scrumptious dessert and would look magnificent as part of the family costume!

Daddy Pig Costume

From his deep snorts to grumpy grumblings about missing his glasses, Daddy Pig is always good for a laugh. With our available Daddy Pig ensemble, you can add the character to your family look with ease. Prevent Christmas morning disappointment with Daddy Pig taking on the role of Santa. Be sure to grab a few backup pairs of glasses, so Daddy Pig is never without his specks and always ready to play dress-up with Peppa, George, and their entire playgroup!

Mummy Pig Halloween Costume

Mummy Pig works from home, toiling away at her computer while Peppa and George keep themselves occupied with crafts and puddles and snowman building in the yard. Well, most of the time. When those little attentions drift, it's Mummy's turn to join the fun and take a break from the demands of work. Sound familiar? Embrace the chaos of working from home or even just a school-free day by becoming the Mummy Pig to your kiddo's Peppa or George! For everyday play, our Mummy Pig costume can't be beaten. But for Halloween or an extra special Peppa Pig birthday party, a search through our makeup selection can give Mummy extra fluttery eyelashes or rosier cheeks already flushed from the idea of all the fun the family will have! Monster