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Old Man Costumes

Are you kind of suspicious of old people? I mean sure they're wise and experienced but there's just something weird about trying to relate to people from across a multi-generational gap. I mean, what was life like living without an iphone? It's just too hard to comprehend. What is easy to digest is dressing up like an Old Man (or Woman). We've got both costumes and they'll make for a fun Halloween night, or for recreating the antics of Johnny Knoxville in Bad Grandpa

Whether you're pranking unsuspecting folks or spending the night trick or treating we've also got a ton of great accessories that will make you look like you've been around for a long time. The right wig, mask, or even fashion accessory like our Cover-Over Glasses will make you look like your favorite octogenarian. Those glasses are always in style for the elderly aren't they... Peruse our selection and choose wisely!