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These Are the Star Wars Costumes You're Looking For

Star Wars Costumes

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker! The Mandalorian! Galaxy's Edge! Star Wars is pretty much everywhere right now, not that we're complaining. We're obviously huge fans. When it's Halloween, we wear our Star Wars Halloween costumes…and when it's not Halloween they become regular ol' Star Wars costumes! We wear them to movie premieres and conventions and just because. So get comfortable and we'll show you all the most popular designs, plus an accessory or three. That's right, these are the Star Wars costumes you're looking for!


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Costume Ideas for Dudes With Beards: The Ultimate Resource! [Costume Guide]

by |July 29, 2022

Costume Ideas for Dudes with Beards

What do you do when you have a big old beard and you’re trying to come up with a Halloween costume with a beard? You use it, of course! Embrace that facial hair and let it be part of your ensemble. There’s no reason you need to shave just for Halloween, just get a costume for dudes with beards and you're set! No matter if you have a little stubble, a fine mustache, a long goatee, or a long flowing beard, there’s a costume choice for you. We spent some time combing through the farthest reaches of the internet for inspiration for all you whiskered gentlemen. (There are only so many times guys with beards can put on a dress for a bearded lady costume!) We're looking to create real Halloween costumes for men with beards! (Maybe someday you can find funny beard costumes or costumes for beards!) The sky is the limit here.


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A Galaxy Here on Earth: Star Wars Filming Locations [Infographic]

by |August 22, 2016

Star Wars Locations Header

How do you create a place that doesn’t exist? That was the challenge by George Lucas, JJ Abrams, and company in filming the Star Wars saga. Several filming locations were filmed and set pieces were built to create the atmosphere of planets in a far away galaxy. The deserts of Tatooine can be found in both Tunisia and the US, the ice planet of Hoth was actually a glacier in Norway, and even the resistance air base on D’Qar is a real air force base found in the UK. Star Wars filming locations can found all over the map, and most can even be visited.


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Who is Kylo Ren?

by |September 21, 2015
Categories: Movies, Science Fiction

Kylo Ren Header


We are just a few months away from the highly anticipated release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There was initially some skepticism amongst Star Wars fans when news broke that LucasFilm and the entirety of the Star Wars universe was sold to the Walt Disney Company. How would the notoriously kid-friendly company handle the more mature...

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