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Free Geeky Cross Stitch Patterns [Printables]

by |June 3, 2013

Free Geeky Cross Stitch Patterns

Do you remember cross stitch? You know, where you use embroidery thread on fabric, make a bunch of tiny little x stitches, and it ends up being an awesome pattern that you can display as art? Well, if Pinterest is any indication, cross stitch is BACK: cross stitch patterns are popping up everywhere!


Of course, we love the return of this trend since it’s a super fun way to display our love of all things nerdy! So, we took some of our favorite characters like Marty McFly and Mario...

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Free Holiday Subway Art Printables

by |November 16, 2012
Categories: Holidays, Printables

We had such a great response to our Halloween Scrapbooking Printables, that we decided to create a set of Holiday Subway Art printables. (Subway art is a form of typography art with condensed words and phrases in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement!) This set includes subway art for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Independence Day and Halloween. These printables are great for an easy, DIY decor project. All you have to do is click on the...

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[CLOSED] Couples Costume Giveaway

by |October 22, 2012
Categories: Contest wants to thank their faithful fans, followers and customers with one more giveaway before Halloween. This time, we're giving away an entire couples costume set! We picked three popular themes for the winner to choose their set from including Mario Bros., Top Gun and Zombies. Plus, what's better is you can choose your couple: a guy and a girl, two girls or two guys!


Couples costume giveaway from


How it works:

We're taking entry methods of tweets, comments on our blog and Facebook...

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Free Halloween Scrapbooking Printables

by |October 16, 2012
Categories: Printables

If you love Halloween as much as we do, and you love to be crafty, then we have a treat for you! We've created some awesome Halloween themed printables for scrapbooking or making Halloween cards and party invitations. And, what's better yet is that they're FREE to download! All you need is Adobe PDF Reader, some white 8.5x11 card stock paper and a color printer. Then, just download our scrapbook printables, and get crafting!


Halloween Scrapbook Pages


Just click on the image below for any of the...

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Q&A with Cosplayer Jin Joson: Breaking Down Stereotypes in Cosplay

by |September 28, 2012
Categories: Cosplay

Jin Joson is a cosplayer, photographer, graphic designer and painter from the Philippines. Jin has been cosplaying for about seven years and enjoys participating in cosplay with friends and at conventions. Jin was kind enough to answer some thought-provoking questions for us about cosplay, the stereotypes associated with it and words of inspiration for those interested in getting into cosplay.


What drew you to cosplay in the beginning and, what keeps you cosplaying?

I found myself...

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Q&A with Trick or Treat Studios Founder Chris Zephro

by |September 14, 2012
Categories: Horror

It has been nearly 35 years since Michael Myers made his first movie appearance, but the “Halloween” franchise, including costumes and masks, are as popular as ever. Trick or Treat Studios, a California-based company, specializes in creating authentic Halloween masks. The studio’s newest release is the first truly authentic replica “Halloween II” Michael Myers mask. Chris Zephro, Founder and Owner of Trick or Treat Studios, was kind enough to answer a few questions...

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