Free Geeky Cross Stitch Patterns [Printables]

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Do you remember cross stitch? You know, where you use embroidery thread on fabric, make a bunch of tiny little x stitches, and it ends up being an awesome pattern that you can display as art? Well, if Pinterest is any indication, cross stitch is BACK: patterns are popping up everywhere!


Of course we love the return of this trend since it’s a super fun way to display our love of all things nerdy! So, we took some of our favorite characters like Marty McFly and Mario, and turned them into cross stitch patterns. What could be better than that? If they were free for you to download and use? They are!


What you'll need to get started:

  • Cross stitch fabric (which can usually be found at your local craft supply store).
  • An embroidery hoop (small or large depending on your preference).
  • Various colors of DMC embroidery thread.


Once you have all of your supplies, just click on your favorite pattern(s) and download the PDFs. Print them out on an 8.5x11 piece of paper and get stitching!


Back to the Future


Back to the Future Cross Stitch Pattern Back to the Future Cross Stitch


Mario Bros.


Mario Bros Cross Stitch Pattern Mario Bros Cross Stitch


Doctor Who


Doctor Who Cross Stitch Pattern Tardis Cross Stitch Pattern


Star Wars


Star Wars Cross Stitch Pattern Star Wars Cross Stitch


Legend of Zelda


Legend of Zelda Cross Stitch Pattern Zelda Cross Stitch




Minecraft Cross Stitch Pattern Minecraft Cross Stitch



Patterns designed by Kate Lemke with additional input from Elise Schwartz and Aleksandra Sobic.

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