How To Create a Mean Girls Group Costume

Everyone wants to be a part of the coolest group in school. You know the one we’re talking about. That group of girls who rule the hallways, have the best hair and makeup, and the coolest clothes. They’re the girls who create trends like wearing pink on Mondays and not wearing sweatpants to school. In this case, they’re the Mean Girls: Gretchen, Regina and Karen. And, everyone follows their trends for Halloween. Their iconic group Halloween costume: turning the cute and mundane into sexy and fascinating, with lingerie and costume accessories. But, don’t fret; you can create your own Mean Girls costume, too. Here’s a breakdown of how you can become one of the coolest girls in school this Halloween.


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Mean Girls Halloween costume



The Leopard

Are you the girl that’s always trying to get new words to become the newest catch phrase? That’s SO fetch, and you definitely want to take Gretchen’s leopard look on the town this Halloween. This look requires only a few essentials: leopard ears and tail and a skin-tight black body suit, like this one and some tall, black stiletto boots. Want to add some additional flair to Gretchen’s look? You can always spice up your Gretchen costume up by adding leopard eye makeup.


Mean Girls Gretchen Halloween costume



The Bunny

The Queen Bee…. Or, bunny, is the costume of choice for the leader of the group. A Regina costume takes the traditional Playboy Bunny look and brings both natural elements and the color pink into her attire. To pull off this outfit for a big bash, you should use white and pink bunny ears, a white leotard, knee-high white boots, and fishnet tights. And, don’t leave the confidence at home; you’ll need that to be Regina George and rule not only the school, but the party, too.


Regina George Halloween costume



The Mouse... duh!

“What are you? I’m a mouse, duh!” Rounding out the trio with Karen’s sexy mouse is a MUST have costume. Any short black dress, tall silver boots, and a mouse accessories kit will do for this simple costume. What’s harder will be perfecting Karen’s ditzy personality in a way that only Amanda Seyfried can do! Even if no one "gets" your Karen Mean Girls costume, that's kind of the point!


Mean Girls Karen Halloween costume



If you follow all the group rules: pink on Mondays, ignoring your friends’ ex boyfriends and ditching the sweatpants, you’ll definitely make the group. And, you’ll likely even get asked to participate in the talent show. So, find a Santa hat and get practicing your Jingle Bell Rock!


Mean Girls Talent Show


Which Mean Girls character do you identify with the most? What are some of your favorite Mean Girls quotes? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments. If you're looking for more Mean Girls group costume inspiration, check out these Mean Girls costumes!