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Ready to get in the game? Of course, you are! And you're in the right spot. Because when it comes to Halloween Sports Costumes, we're happy to let you know we have the best selection available on the web. From football and cheerleader costumes to officially licensed WWE wrestling costumes, you'll find everything you need to play ball right here!
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1 - 60 of 105
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Womens A League of Their Own Dottie Costume Main UPD-update
Made By Us Exclusive
Plus Size League of Their Own Dottie Costume-update3
Made By Us Exclusive
A League of Their Own Deluxe Dottie Costume-update
Made By Us Exclusive
Racer Jumpsuit Womens Costume
Sale - 9% Made By Us
Womens A League of Their Own Kit Costume-update
Made By Us Exclusive
Womens Grease Rydell High Cheerleader Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Grease Rydell High Plus Size Womens Cheerleader Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Racy Referee Women's Costume
Sale - 13% Made By Us
Plus Size Deluxe Dottie Costume new1
Made By Us Exclusive
Women's Sexy Bunny Squad Costume
Women's Sexy Ref Bodysuit Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Women's Sexy Two Piece Ref Costume
Sale - 25% Made By Us
Space Jam Women's Lola Bunny Costume
Sale - 8% Exclusive
Adult Inflatable Bowling Pin Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Adult Inflatable American Football Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Women's Snappy Racer Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Plus Size A League of Their Own Kit Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Women's Zoom Costume
Sale - 13%
Adult Inflatable Bowling Ball Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Women's Knockout Beauty
Sale - 25% Made By Us
Space Jam Plus Size Lola Bunny Costume
Sale - 7% Exclusive
Adult Ted Lasso Costume Kit
Women's Work It Out 80's Costume
Sale - 11% Made By Us
Racer Jumpsuit Plus Size Womens Costume
Sale - 15% Made By Us
Women's Ultimate Warrior Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Inflatable Soccer Ball Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Sexy Bring it Baddie Womens Costume UPD
Sale - 20%
Women's Tough Boxer Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Spartan Cheerleader Costume
Women's Zombie Cheerleader Costume
Sale - 22% Made By Us
Adult Drag Racer Costume
Sale - 20% Made By Us
Adult WWE Macho Man Ugly Christmas Sweater Alt 3
Made By Us Exclusive
Womens No Rules Referee Costume
Sale - 10%
Women's Equestrian Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Sexy Grand Slam Costume
Radical Rumble WWE Sweater Main
Sale - 50% Made By Us
Womens Spunky Cheerleader Costume
Sale - 11%
Ladies Referee Shirt cc
Made By Us Exclusive

Whether you're a big-time sports fan or an amateur player who'd like to make it look like you've gone pro, we're happy to let you know that we're fully stocked on Halloween sports costumes. We've got your major leagues covered, with football, baseball, and basketball costumes. And we've got styles for plenty of other popular sports, too, like professional wrestling, NASCAR Racing, jockey costumes from the horse track, and we even have cheerleader costumes and referee costumes, so that everyone can get in the game!

One of our perennial top sellers when it comes to sports themes are women's football costumes. And whether you'd like to be the first female player in the NFL or just want to show off to all the boys that you know how to play ball, we're sure you'll find that our Women's Tackle Football Jersey Costume to be a whole lot of fun. It features a black jersey with just the right amount of see-through mesh to give you a sexy look. It also comes with shorts and athletic socks so you'll be ready to throw a touchdown pass! For men looking to get into the game, our top selection is our Dead Zone Zombie Football Player Costume. Because, yup. Zombies are definitely a great way to have some football fun on Halloween! Don't be afraid to grab a Referee Costume for football dress up, either. While fans might hate the refs call at the big game, we're sure they'll love your look with a whistle!

Fans of games played on the baseball diamond won't be disappointed at our selection, either. We've got generic baseball costumes like our Adult Vintage Baseball Player Costume and our Women's Sexy Grand Slam Costume that are sure to get you into the game. Of course, when it comes to baseball costumes for women, there is one particular style that rules them all. And that would be authentic costumes from the cult classic film A League of Their Own! We're proud to offer a full slate of officially licensed A League of Their Own costumes. These costumes are Made by Us to be replicas of the uniforms worn by the Rockford Peaches in the movie. Try our Adult Dottie Costume to portray the classic character. And, yes, of course, we also have costumes for Kit playing for the Racine Belles and a Coach Jimmy Costume for men!

Wrestling fans are sure to be satisfied with our selection as well. And that's because we've partnered with the WWE to craft our own line of Made by Us WWE Costumes! You'll be able to portray all the stars of the 80s and 90s with our huge selection. Our roster includes the likes of The Macho Man Randy Savage and Ric Flair, and we've got a Kane Costume as well as the signature trench coat costume of The Undertaker. We've even got an authentic Stone Cold Steve Austin Costume if you feel like opening a can of whoop-ass for Halloween! Our top Women's Wrestling Costume is for WWE superstar Ronda Rousey. She's been kicking butt since she switched from MMA fighting to professional wrestling, and you can look just like her for Halloween when you get our costume. We also offer women's costumes for some of the most iconic wrestlers of all time. Try our Women's Ultimate Warrior Costume or our Women's Macho Man Costume to put your own unique spin on the classic stars! Monster