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Vampire Fang Necklace

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Vampire Fang Necklace
Vampire Fang Necklace
Product Information

Items Included
  • Vampire Fang Necklace
  • Real metal chain and pendant
  • Fake white gems adorn the fangs
  • No vampires were harmed to make this necklace
If you have ever seen a vampire dance, then you know they can really move! As immortal beings, they have gotten to see so many dance movements come and go throughout history, so they know what works. It's easy to disco dance all night long when you don't have to sleep, and break-dancing is a cinch when you can levitate. If you have an eternity to perfect your sick moves, you've earned the right to brag a little.

In addition to their dancing skills, vampires are notoriously stylish, and are always experimenting with flashy new fashions. The latest trend that is taking vampire dance clubs by storm is this Vampire Fang Necklace. The chain and pendant are made of metal, and the fangs are embellished with gems to glamour your onlooking fans. You don't have to be a vampire to look dazzling and dangerous when you are sporting this bling!

Product Reviews        Write Review
      By Anonymous / August 30, 2018
I love this necklace! I didn’t have high expectations for it since it was only $5 but it’s really good quality and it’s heavy it feels more expensive than it is.
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