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Shot and Stabbed Temporary Tattoo Kit

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Shot and Stabbed Temporary Tattoo Kit
Shot and Stabbed Temporary Tattoo Kit
Shot and Stabbed Temporary Tattoo Kit
Product Information

Items Included
  • Tattoo Sheet
  • One sheet of temporary tattoos
  • Approximatley 15 wound designs(count may vary)
  • Realistic transfers represent differing wound types
  • High quality tattoos by Tinsley Transfers
We've noticed that as much fun as Halloween is, it can be incredibly rough on people. So many ghosts and ghouls and zombies walk around and even the living people look like they've been shot or stabbed a couple times. There's just blood absolutely everywhere! We were really pretty scared to go out until we learned that all of it was just some fake stuff. Or at least hopefully all of it because that's what we've been telling ourselves so we can still enjoy Halloween (and sleep soundly).

So we figured that we might as well join the fad and get you guys some sweet Hollywood effects temporary tattoos so you too can look like you survived a rather rough encounter or did you not survive it? At least you can come back from the dead so you could show off to your friends (or eat their brains, up to you.)

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