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Shimmer and Shine Costumes

Do your kiddos want a little more magic in their lives? (Who doesn't?) Then they just might want a little more Shimmer and Shine, genies divine in their lives. These little genies know how to bring the sparkle and grant wishes while they're at it. If you have a group of three, Leah could even join with a couple wishes! That's one way to get only the best candies in your trick-or-treating bag.
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Shimmer and Shine sure do get Leah into some tough situations don't they? It just goes to show that you can use magical genie power to solve every problem! Now, with these officially licensed costumes from the Nickelodeon series, your child gets her chance to become one of the cartoon characters from the show! Whether your little one is a huge fan of Shimmer, or her twin sister Shine, your little one will have no problem hopping into the role of adorable genie.

In one of our Shimmer and Shine costumes, the sky is the limit! You can take your child on imaginary adventures to Zahramy Falls, hang out with Zac or you can even try to befriend Princess Samira! You can even just go trick or treating (genies like candy too, you know). The costume also makes for a cute look for playtime with her friends. Just remember that genies only get 3 wishes before it's time for bedtime, so choose carefully!