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Add a splash of vibrant color to your look by using one of our pink wigs. We carry styles for both adults and kids, and you can even find some great character wigs. Whether you're trying to look like Frenchie in our officially licensed wig or you want to get the fiery style of Lavagirl in our Lavagirl wig, we have just the pink wig to craft the perfect look.

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Is there a color more grand than pink? We think not! It's such a harmonious color! It makes us think of love, friendship, a dash of inner peace, and bubblegum. Hey, we love us some bubblegum pink, so don't judge us! We even think that it's a color that makes for a pretty great color for hair!

Of course, we've never met anyone with naturally pink hair. We've seen plenty of cool characters in movies and tv with pink hair though. Frenchie, from Grease, is definitely one of our favorites. Her spunky attitude definitely matches the feisty pink hair she sports... even if it was a bit of an accident. There's Princess Bubblegum, of course. She's had a variety of hairstyles in Adventure Time, but it's always been pink. Starfire from the Teen Titans also rocks a pretty rad pink hairstyle!

So, all of those characters are great, but how do you get pink hair? Well, just use one of our pink wigs, you silly goose! We carry a ton of different styles, including wigs for adults and wigs for kids. We even have pop culture and character wigs to help you finish off just about any costume! if you're looking to transform into Frenchie, then we have an officially licensed wig for that. If you want to look like the hero from The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3D, then check out one of our Lavagirl wigs.

Most of our pink wigs feature elastic bands in the interior, ensuring that one size fits most! That means you just have to choose your style and you'll be ready to put that finishing touch on your costume.