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Adult Ghost Face Slayer Kit
Voice Changer

Voice Changer

Adult Scream Mask
Adult Black Combat Boots
Cell Phone Costume Companion
Sale - 60% Made By Us
Killer Knife Purse update
Bloody Blade
Bloody Butcher Cleaver Prop Weapon
Made By Us Exclusive
Bleeding Machete Knife
Ghost Face Butcher Knife
Knife Injury Headband Main UPD
Made By Us Exclusive
Latex Screwed Up Accessory
Sale - 50%
Ghostface Glow In The Dark Mini Backpack
Sale - 17%
Pastease White X Pasties
Clearance  - 60%
Bloody Knife

Bloody Knife

Jason Machete
Deluxe Bloody Knife Prop
Coming Soon
Made By Us Exclusive
Adult Ghost Face Pumpkin Mask
Coming Soon
Ghost Face Green Drip Canvas Tote
Out of Stock
Ghost Face 8" Phunny Plush
Out of Stock
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Scream Costume Accessories

If you're buying a Scream Ghost Face costume from our selection there's not much else needed. That doesn’t mean there's nothing though. Or that you can't turn a cool look into a killer look with a few clever inclusions or truly unique additions like a clown wig or tutu—honestly, we recommend these if you really want to lean into the more humorous side of Scream. Either way, the following list addresses a few essential and elevating costume accessories!

Scream Masks

First things first. Unless you're a whiz with face paint and prosthetics, you'll need a mask. Specifically, a Ghost Face mask. The classic white mask with an anguished look is paramount to the Scream character and our selection has a couple of options that let you DIY a Ghost Face costume or revitalize one that's been well-worn. But you'll also find options like a pumpkin Ghost Face or Pride Ghost Face that are sure to inspire new ways to slay!

Bloody Knife Prop

Next on the list of Ghost Face must-haves: a bloody knife prop. Costumes are more fun with props and slasher films practically demand carrying a few. But perhaps you'd rather not handle a Jason machete toy or give a toy weapon to your little rascal dressed as Ghost Face. That's our exclusive killer knife purse's chance to shine! With a shoulder strap for easy carrying, a pocket for essentials or candy, and bloody graphics, it's the winning alternative for kids and adults!

Black Military Boots

Boots might seem like a less obvious Scream costume accessory. But every outfit needs shoes and if you're going for authentic Ghost Face, black military combat boots are a must! And you'll find kid's military black boots and adult sizes right here. Though, we hope we've assured you iconic costume customization is totally allowed. Because our shoe collection is sure to inspire different ways for Ghost Face to kick it with a wide variety from heels to slippers!

Scream Voice Changer

Ghostface's voice is notorious. The films have a hired actor just for it! So, unless you've got the imitation down flat, we recommend a voice changer. This black clip-on microphone is great for disguising your voice while asking everyone if they like scary movies. But it doesn't stop there! Utilize the battery-powered accessory for Darth Vader cosplays or silly games and pranks with the kids. From Halloween to playtime, this accessory brings a new level of fun! Monster