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We offer a wide selection of children’s and adult’s Scarecrow costumes and even some for dogs! Remember to check out our accessories for all of these officially licensed costumes. Get a group together and go out with the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and Dorothy! How To

Wonderful Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Costumes

Whether you’re putting on a play or you want to do a Wizard of Oz group costume, skip down the blocks of your neighborhood on Halloween night like it’s the yellow brick road. An Oz group costume requires a Scarecrow costume and we have the costumes for you! Unlike our Halloween Scarecrow costumes, these scarecrow costumes are cheerful and dopey. All these costumed characters only want a brain- a decent enough request! So, keep it happy and light with these scarecrow selections. All you need now is a tin man, a lion, and a Dorothy to make your group complete!

Scarecrow Wonderful Wizard of Oz Costume

Adult Patchwork Scarecrow Costume

Is it just us or does this scarecrow seem a little friendly with the birds? We get it, even if scare is in your name. Acting spooky gets a little old after a while. But this guy seems more fashionable than the rest of the scare crows on our list. The straight cut pants are trimmed with straw as well as the shoulders, sleeve hems, and hat. The burlap has a loose weave to make sure your ears can breathe as you bond with the birds. So go ahead and pick up this cheerful scarecrow costume; maybe you’ll even make some new friends with a lion, tin man, and a little girl in a gingham dress.

Women’s Scarecrow Costume

Scarecrow Womens Costume

Want the perfect scarecrow costume to wear to a daytime Halloween event? You’ll feel awesome in the green cuffed overalls with a cold shoulder plaid shirt underneath. This unique woman’s scarecrow costume is sure to make you feel like you’re on top of any autumn festival event. People are sure to assume that you know where the apple bobbing contest takes place and where to get the best apple cider. You’ll look like the trendiest queen of fall in this scarecrow Halloween costume!

Scarecrow Girl Costume

Sweet Scarecrow Girls Costume

Did you see the adorable costume above? This sweet girl’s look will make a different kind of scarecrow couples costume- a mommy and me costume! The overall scarecrow costume has a sweet skirt with plenty of patches and a puffed orange shirt underneath the straps. The look is topped off with patches as well as a jaunty little sunflower as well as burlap colored socks and a straw-trimmed skirt. This girl’s scarecrow costume will be the perfect touch for any fall party.

Toddler Wonderful Wizard of Oz Costume

Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Costume for Toddler

Your kiddo is always trying to learn more and more. It can be frustrating to be so young. How is your kid supposed to stuff all this new information into their brains? Your child can connect with the Scarecrow character’s struggle when he or she watches The Wizard of Oz. Just like the character from this classic story, you know your child has had the brains the whole time. But your kiddo is still on the road to get some serious smarts. Your little one will fit into the role of Scarecrow absolutely perfectly! Keep it cute with this toddler scarecrow costume and the family will be ready to embark on their colorful quest in no time! Monster