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Santa Claus Costumes

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Spread holiday cheer when you order a Santa costume from our selection! Let your little helper take the lead with a kids’ Santa costume. Put a twist on Christmas tradition with a Mrs. Santa costume. Or transform into the storybook legend with a deluxe Santa suit that’s as magical as the beloved character! Our wide variety of Santa Claus costume options and the accessories to match is sure to earn its spot on your nice list!
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No secular Christmas celebration is complete without Santa Claus. Kids and adults alike eagerly await his visit--probably more because of what he brings than for himself. Everyone wants to find out what's in that great big sack!

Our Santa Claus costumes range from printed T-shirts and hoodies to the full velvet suit with faux fur trim. And we have sizes from infant through adult plus. Then we have accessories, too. A sack to carry all those gifts. Black boots with faux fur cuffs. Wigs and beards. Everything you need to become a convincing Santa Claus.

Whether you picture Santa as the early Christian Saint Nicholas or as Clement Moore's jolly old elf, we have a costume for you! How To

Santa Costumes

The holidays always bring about a heightened sense of cheer and goodwill. We're not sure if it has to do with the season itself, but we assume a big part of it comes from the innate magic that surrounds the jolly guy and all his little friends. We also know that we're supposed to keep the reason for the season alive all year 'round! That's often hard to do, but we know a secret Santa clause that can help us all out! Whether you're getting ready for the perfect season's greetings, trying to add a little Christmas to your Halloween décor, or even putting on a meeting of the House of Hypothetical Organisms and Honored Others (the HO-HO-HO), we have the right festive looks for all your wants. And we have a few great ideas to make your Santa way more convincing and memorable than any run-of-the-mill Mall Santa!

Christmas Costumes

There aren't many things that we need for every holiday season. We might manage to get by without a decorated tree. Perhaps we can even handle things without strings of lights or a dusting of snow. But the idea of going a year without seeing Santa?! That's beyond belief. Ensure that every moment is high on holiday cheer with our variety of Santa Claus costumes. After all, Santa gets free cookies daily, not just on Christmas Eve!

Santa Suit

Santa Suit

Santa didn't become the big guy just by having a bunch of Christmas magic. It’s what he's done with it that matters! He's created an eternal look that breaks borders and sticks around every year. That requires some serious elvish craftsmanship! Go with the highest quality creation to ensure that your premium Santa Claus look will last multiple seasons and make everyone believe for once and for all that Santa is real.

Women’s Santa Suit

Womens Santa Costume

Remember that Santa Claus isn't just the leader of the HO-HO-HO but is also a legend throughout the whole world! With a name in every border, who knows just who this magical being is? Saint Nick? Pelznickle? This year, Kris Kringle has a surprise for us all. That Kris means Kristin! Time to whip up the magic and get our in-house elves to construct this sweet Santa look for the big gal because you've earned those cookies, too!

Kids Santa Costumes

Folks are always saying that we can't let the kids have all the fun. That is, after all, why we have so many adults running to Disney World without the kiddos! But, the reverse is true, too. The adults can't have all the work. Those kids should be able to pull their weight and help make the season special. You might think it is hard to get your tyke to do some work, but that's a heck of a lot easier when the job comes with a dose of holiday magic. Time to hop on the Polar Express and let them take over the North Pole!

Kids Santa Costume

Toddler Santa Costume

Nobody knows which children should be on the naughty or nice list more than those who spend their whole day with other kids. We're not even sure how Santa overlooked the option of recruiting kiddos to help him get down all those details! This year, your kiddo can enjoy the fun that comes with the most important job of all: spreading good cheer. And presents, of course. Actually, your young Santa might be more into that, anyway.

Girls Mrs. Claus Costume

Girls Mrs. Claus Costume

Folks sometimes see Mrs. Claus as just a support character in a story about a magical man who delivers cheer to everyone, all in a single day. She might take back seat on Christmas Eve, but who is keeping that cheer alive every other day? Who invented the best hot chocolate recipe? (3:1 milk to water ratio with a dash of cinnamon and quarter teaspoon of vanilla.) That's right: your little Mrs. Claus is the true source of joy!

Santa Dog Costumes

Your beloved little fur baby always seems to know when something special is going on. Maybe they really can smell emotions? In any case, we think that your pets can feel the fun that's about to come and they want to get in on it...and not just for the treats. With our options of Santa pet costumes, you can give a festive look to your doggo, kitteh...maybe even a birb or scaley pup with enough creativity!

Reindeer Dog Costume

Dog Reindeer Costume

Always have a backup plan for your holiday activities! Remember the time that Santa was getting ready without a fog light?! Well, he lucked out with Rudolph, but what happens next time there's no chimney to get inside and magic doesn't work on the dog door? Or a peanut butter cookie after Mrs. Claus insisted, "No more!" Fortunately, with the rarest of all creatures, the dog reindeer, the holiday can be saved! It's great news for your holiday, too!

Santa Pup Costume

Dog Santa Costume

They give us the gift of good cheer all year 'round, so we're pretty sure that our fuzzy friends might have a secret connection with the Claus couple up North. That said...they're always watching us. Makes us wonder if they've got a secret agenda. Perhaps they're little Santa doggos in disguise, filling the big guy in on our naughty and nice behaviors. Better be safe and give them extra treats this year, just in case!

Mrs. Claus Costumes

Nobody would get anything done in the North Pole if not for the calm and motherly guidance of Mrs. Claus. Santa would just get stuffed with treats and those reindeer would go right back to all those nasty reindeer games. You didn't think it was just Santa and a foggy night that got them to lay off Rudolph, did you? Heck, no! They work together to keep the magic going. That's what makes the Clauses such a fantastic couple! It's only the sassy, spicy, and loving nature of Santa's better half that keeps the chill away and ensures that the rest of the season is toasty warm.

Mrs. Santa Claus Costume

Mrs. Claus Costume

We're not entirely sure of the origin of Mrs. Claus. At some point, we assume in the early days of the North Pole, the Lady Claus came to secure her place. Who knows if it was her domain before Sinterklaas showed up or if they moved out there together? All we do know is that without this Sweetie Claus, the toys crafted at the workshop and the rosy cheeks of the big guy would be rather dull!

Plus Size Mrs Claus Costume

Mrs. Claus Costume Plus Size

As the years have gone by, the niceties of the North have only gotten better! Everyone knows that Santa is going to get on the sleigh and tote toys all over the world, but it is the heartfelt hope of Mrs. Claus that keeps the hearth going. She might sometimes look like a grannie who is getting on in age, but it's true what they say: you're only as old as you feel. No wonder she's kept the kick in her step!

Funny Santa Costumes

The holidays aren't just about cheer and goodwill in the conventional sense. They're also about turning that happy smile into hysterical laughter! A great joke or some physical comedy is a perfect gift that you can give time and time again. Thankfully, Santa is just as good a goof as he is a gift-giver! With these goofy Santa outfits, you can bring the magic of the holidays to any season but also ensure that it comes along with an extra helping of the giggles. And, fear not: these joke costumes only get better the next time around!

Adult Ride a Reindeer Costume

Santa Claus Costume

We know what happens when Santa is facing a fog, but what about when he double-parks on the streets and his sleigh gets towed away?! Not even the magic of Santa can get the impound lot to extend their hours! Fortunately, the magical reindeer have some pretty powerful backs and are always ready to give a helping hoof. Hop on your reindeer and ride your way to a great time!

Adult Santa Piggyback Costume

Funny Christmas Costume

Santa spends all year figuring out the perfect gift for all the nice folks in the world. He also figures out what to do to the naughty ones. Well, it turns out that Santa thinks that you're a perfect gift for some of those folks and he's ready to deliver you right to them. Hop on Santa's back instead of his lap! Now, whether you're a gift to someone nice or naughty is going to be up to you!

Sexy Santa Costumes

The North Pole isn't all dreary cold. In fact, with all the hot chocolate running through the pipes and the constant roaring of comfy fires, the place gets pretty hot! One assumes that the heavy red suit is the only look, but there are plenty of secret styles that show that there are more than just toys being worked on in those workshops. Those elves are also some pretty incredible fashion designers! Time to give yourself a gift and find out where cinnamon and peppermint get that spicy hit.

Secret Santa Costume

Mrs. Claus Outfit

Everybody's heard of Secret Santa. It's that game where someone covertly gets a gift for someone else and lets them try to figure out who the gift-giver might have been. That's naturally a great time, but it is what happens after the party that is the real fun. Reveal to that special someone who their Secret Santa was and ensure the night is memorable.

Sexy Santa Suit

Sexy Santa Costume

It's hardly fair that Mrs. Claus is always expected to wear the same frumpy look. Fortunately, some of those elves know exactly what to do to fix the problem. Time for the North Pole Fashion Show and Mrs. Claus is ready for a make-over! Designed after the more cheerful look and offering full freedom of movement, it is a modern and sexy look for this Santa Lady! Monster