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Are you having trouble with the ladies? You know who never has any trouble with the ladies? Pimps. We’re not sure what it is about them, but the hot mamas always seem to be lining up to give those guys some attention. We’ve spent countless hours studying the way they act, dress and talk to bring you the perfect look and swag for getting in good with the ladies.

Your first step to transforming into a pimp is to have swag, which means stepping up your wardrobe for the honeys. We’re talking leopard or zebra print. You probably need a stylish hat too, just to let the girls know that you know how to accessorize. A set of platform shoes lets the women know that you’re large and in charge, and when in doubt just wear dollar bills.

Lucky for you, we have all that stuff lined up right here. You can find a full money suit made of fake dollar bills, along with fat stacks of fake money for making it rain dollars when you’re on a budget. We have animal print suits, for the more exotic pimp look and you can even round out your look with some extra bling. The ladies will have no choice but to look at you!