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When you want a colorful and unique costume for Halloween, it's hard to beat the outlandish style of a pimp suit! Shop all of our pimp costumes and pimp outfits right here. With bold colors, animal prints, and lots of velour, our pimp Halloween costumes are sure to make a style statement.
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Sweet Daddy Pimp Costume
Supa Mac Daddy Pimp Costume
Purple Pimp Costume
Mens Money Suit
Red Pimp Costume
Holographic Disco Pants for Men
Made By Us Exclusive
Mens Silver Sequin Disco Pants
Made By Us Exclusive
Womens Red Lady Pimp Costume
Orange Cane
Made By Us Exclusive

Orange Cane

Mens Black Pimp Shoes
Gold Fish Pimp Shoes
Purple Pimp Hat
Made By Us
Gold Money Pimp Cane
Men's Silver Glitter Platform Shoes
Rock & Roller Glasses-1
Made By Us
Mens White Daddio Pimp Shoe
Blue Cane
Made By Us Exclusive
Adult White 70's Boots
Made By Us Exclusive
Long Black Eyelashes
Yellow Fedora Hat
The Big Smoke Joint
Dollar Sign Necklace
Bright White Long Wavy Wig
Made By Us Exclusive
Gold Dollar Sign Purse
Made By Us Exclusive
Men's Platform Shoes
Solid Golden Teeth

If you want to look like a pimp, you're going to need swag, which means stepping up your wardrobe. You'll want to start with the sharpest pimp suit, and you'll want to make sure it really stands out. We’re talking leopard or zebra print here! You probably need a stylish hat too, just to let everyone know that you know how to accessorize. A set of platform shoes shows the world that you’re large and in charge, and when in doubt just wear dollar bills to really show off your style!

Lucky for you, we have all that pimp gear lined up right here. You can find a money pimp suit made of fake dollar bills, along with fat stacks of fake money for making it rain dollars. We have animal print suits that really make an exotic pimp Halloween costume. Pick out your favorite pimp outfit from our costume options and then be sure to round out your look with some extra bling. Everyone at the party will have no choice but to look at you!