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Halloween Lights

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Whatever your Halloween lighting needs, our selection shines! Illuminate party rooms, holiday trees, or porches with Halloween string lights. Show trick-or-treaters where to go with Halloween pathway lights. Or brighten up the entire neighborhood with Halloween projector lights that banish any shadow of a doubt which holiday is your favorite! With everything from flashlights to outdoor Halloween lights, shopping our selection is a bright idea!
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When thinking about Halloween, an eeriness creeps in. The images that come to mind are a bit shadowy, even if filled with colorful costumes and piles of sweet candies. That might make some people say Halloween is a dark holiday. And maybe the bare trees, faded lawns, and grey graveyard decorations your neighbor set up make that true. But we're here to shed a little light on the reality of everyone's favorite spooky season!

There's actually quite a bit of light at play during Halloween. Consider just the jack-o-lanterns resting on front porches. They need tea lights, electronic or flickering flame, to make that smile sparkle! And trick-or-treaters aren't coming to knock at a door without an overhead lamp letting them know someone is home with candy to spare! Imagine a Halloween party without at least one colored bulb casting spooky shadows. Now try picturing a haunted house without strobing lights.


Halloween's shadowy side needs the light! And our selection of Halloween lighting offers every style of light to ensure it gets it! So, continue reading to hear a few bright ideas on how you can employ all manner of lighting to help the Halloween season shine!

Let's start with candles! Not only are candles a traditional part of holiday decorating, but they're also truly timeless and a great inclusion for any aesthetic. Update a table display with sculpted candle holders for tea lights or tapers. Create an eerie or cheery walkway with candle-lit lanterns. Or combine chic ceramic holders with scary electronic pillar candles to span the cozy glow of fall style and sinister shadows of spooky season!

Need to get the party started? Give your guests the green light to chat, dance, or dig into a buffet of sweets when you add strobe lights, string lights, or projectors to your décor! From simple colored twinkle lights to staring eyeballs, our Halloween rope lights have lots to offer. But the strobe and projection lights aren't fading into the shadows! They'll add a flash of fun to dance floors, the sides of buildings, or go pint-sized as flashlights for trick-or-treats!

Find both utility and decoration when you shop our Halloween lights selection! Whether decorating a small space, grand hall, or looking to keep the sidewalk visible for visitors, there's a light bulb, lamp, candle, or holder with your name on it!

Didn't find something that sparks your imagination? Waiting for a brilliant new item to become available? Check back soon! We continue to update our inventory to better suit our customer's needs, and we promise to keep the light on whether you stop by in the early morning or dark night! How To

Light Up Halloween Decorations

Decorations are a great way to add your own style to a space. A candle here, a projector there, and before you know it, you have a room that you can be very proud of. If you are looking to step up your interior design skills but need the right tools for the job, you have to pick up our exclusive line of Light Up Halloween Decorations. They not only will bring you designing skills of over 9000, but they also look incredible when the sun starts to set. If you want to add a little extra decor to your home this season, you have to check out our Light Up Halloween Decorations.

Halloween Lanterns

Lanterns don’t get the love they used to get before electricity was invented. Makes sense. Why use dim light to see when you could have a wireless multicolored LED? We might romanticize them some simply due to aesthetic reasons, but they were actually quite game-changing in 1500 B.C. when they were invented. During Halloween, there is nothing like a good lantern. They provide us with light and create a lovely ambiance in any living room or dungeon setting. If you want to light up your office or add some spook to your supper, you have to check out our Halloween Lanterns.

Halloween Candelabras

Candelabra sounds like a cross between a Pokémon and a magic spell. Both of those things are technically supernatural, so they kind of apply. Okay, they don’t apply at all, but come on, isn’t it fun to say it out loud. Candelabra. Candelabra. Alright, we are done. We just love ourselves a candelabra. Not only is it a stylish piece of Halloween décor, but it has a ton of history, as it was a game-changer for lighting in the early 1800s. If you want to take your interior lighting to the next level, we encourage you to check out a Halloween Candelabra.

Halloween Candle Holders

What came first, the Candle Holder or the Candle? Well, the candle was probably made first now that we think about it. But still, who uses a candle without a holder? How barbaric! Just kidding, we are cool with however you decided to burn your candles; we just have some detailed candle holders that we think you will really enjoy. We like to light our candles and watch the flame slowly melt away the wax while stirring our cauldrons. Is that weird? Oh well. If you are a candle lover looking for unique décor, you will light up for our Halloween Candle Holders.

Outdoor Halloween Lights

Autumn is a great season. The weather is just right, as it fluctuates from just right to a little chilly. You could rock shorts in the morning and a blazer in the evening if you are lucky. The best thing about Autumn has to be the bonfire and parties with friends, especially when you are with your loved ones. What could be better than that? Doing it with our Halloween Lights Outdoor, that's what! If you want to take your everyday yard and turn it into something that the neighbors will talk about for years, you have to check out our Outdoor Halloween Lights.

Halloween String Lights

String lights are a great way to add a little flair to a wall or connect spaced outdoor structures. Thoughtfully draping a few lights over a tree can really light up a backyard in more ways than one. Using these to circle a bonfire really adds to the atmosphere. Consider even wrapping these lights around a handrail or the side of a porch to give your yard the pop it needs to stand out from the neighbors, especially during the holidays. If you want to switch up your outdoor décor this holiday, you have to pick up our Halloween String Lights.

Halloween Projectors

Projectors have been around for a while. Thank goodness because they can take a pretty fun Halloween night to an absolute spooky sensation. We wonder if the inventors of projectors knew the sheer amount of good their creation would be used for? Our Halloween Projectors are great for haunted houses when you want to bump up the creep factor. They also fit well for Halloween-themed gatherings and parties. All you need to do is set it up, plug it in, and let the fun commence. With one of our Halloween Projectors, you’ll have what you need to show everyone a good time.

Halloween Pathway Lights

Everyone needs a little guidance now and then. That goes for things that go bump in the night as well as your esteemed guests. Make sure you and everyone else can find the way to the office or home Halloween get-together with these Halloween Pathway Lights. These lights are a great compliment to any walkway or pathway in the front or back yard. Besides making your yard (and taste) look fabulous, use the lights to distract trick-or-treaters before you make your big boo. If you want the most fly stepstones on the block, you have to pick up our Halloween Pathway Lights.

Halloween Porch Light Covers

Porch lights are all fine and dandy. We don’t mean to sound underwhelmed. We are appropriately whelmed when it comes to the porch light. They allow guests to find your home in the dark quickly. They help people safely exit your entryway. And who doesn’t thank their lucky stars for porch lights when they are rummaging through their key ring at night? We just think our Halloween Porch Light Cover spices up regular lights so much that we can’t live without them. If you are trying to add some Halloween spice (pumpkin maybe) to the holiday, you have to check out these exclusive light covers.

Halloween Flashlights

Flashlights are an essential tool when you have to survive in the wilderness. Halloween Flashlights are an indispensable tool when you have a good ghost story to tell. Some of our flashlights are decorative ornaments that beautifully light up with the flick of a switch. While some of our flashlights double as projectors. Feel like telling a story on the side of your garage? With these flashlights and a little creativity, you can turn your standard campfire fare into a compelling tale for the ages. No matter what you decide, we hope you take the time to check out our Halloween Flashlights.