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Got a little devil in you? We know you've spent the time picking out the perfect devil costume, so now complete the effect with one of our detailed devil accessories. From devil tails to demon horns to 3-pronged pitchforks, we've got everything you need for the perfect costume experience!
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Satan. Lucifer. Beelzebub. Belzeboub. Iblis. Baphomet. Azazel. Belial. Mastema. Sammael. Lilith. Mephistopheles. Old Scratch. Diabolos.

The Devil has had many different names throughout history and across many different cultures. Some believe the Devil is an actual being who personifies evil and opposes all that is good. Yet, others believe that there's no such thing as a Devil. They think it's just a concept invented by the medieval Church to label things it thought were evil.

Many modern young people who rebel against their parents' beliefs claim to follow Satan. A few adults completely reject traditional Christianity. They think Satan represents human striving and intelligence and the harsh survival-of-the-fittest realities of the natural world. While some just playfully wear devil costumes for Halloween! 

What does the Devil look like? Well, evil--like beauty--can be in the eye of the beholder. The Devil appears in many different ways in art and literature. He (or She, in some belief systems) can be hideously ugly, revealing his true nature. Or s/he can be beautiful, the better to tempt unsuspecting humans to do things they otherwise might not do. Multiple artists and writers have used animals such as serpents, goats and dragons to represent the Devil.

In the 15th century the Devil's color was green, for the same reason some see the Devil as beautiful. Green symbolizes fertility, which some have considered evil, but it also represents jealousy. Just as hunters wore green to avoid warning their prey of their presence, the medieval church thought the Devil did, too, when hunting for human souls. Since the 16th century, red has come to be the Devil's color. It's associated with fire, passion and sexuality. People with red hair were thought to have made pacts with the devil 

The most common modern depiction of the Devil includes elements from past images. He's red, with horns and hooves from the goat. He has a spiked tail, from the dragon. Sometimes he has a forked beard, reminiscent of the serpent. And he carries a three-pronged pitchfork. Why a pitchfork? That, too, goes back to medieval theologians. They considered any symbol used in a pre-Christian (pagan) religion to be evil.

The ancient Greek and Roman god of the sea, Poseidon/Neptune, used his trident to stir up storms and cause earthquakes and tidal waves. In Hinduism, a trident was the symbol of the destroyer god, Shiva. So Christians of the middle ages called it an evil symbol.   

If you're going to be a Devil for Halloween, you first need to choose a great costume from our wide selection. Then pick out accessories to complete your look. Are you going to be an ugly, evil-looking devil, or a beautiful, tempting one?

If you want to look scary and evil, check out our whole-head silicone masks, or go for an easy-to-use makeup kit and add a set of horns & teeth to complete your look. To be beautiful or playful, wear red and add a tail, demon horns & pitchfork. Maybe add a top hat and a pair of gloves, too. If your own hair isn't red, add a red wig. 

No matter what you believe about the Devil's existence or appearance, we have all the devil accessories you need to make this your most diabolical Halloween ever!