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How To Throw A Mario Party...Party

by |April 7, 2023
Categories: Video Games

How to Throw a Mario Party...Party!

Themed party ideas are a lot of fun, but they also take a lot of work to coordinate! Let us help you plan the perfect Mario-themed party for your next social gathering. It doesn't even have to be Mario Day, although that would be extra awesome! If you, like us, can't think of many better ways to pass a Saturday than getting together with a group of your friends and throwing a Mario Party party, then read on. We've put together some easy cocktails, food, attire, and activity ideas to help you throw just such a "party party."


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Halloween Party Ideas for Your Next Monster Mash

by |January 1, 2023
Categories: Holidays, Resource

Halloween Party Ideas

Creating the perfect Halloween party is a lot of work, but the results are frighteningly fun! Halloween party ideas include putting together a Halloween playlist, organizing a costume contest, eating and drinking Halloween foods, and decorating for Halloween. You also have to decide whether or not you want a particular theme, and you should consider who's attending. Is it going to be an adults-only Halloween party? Are you expecting kids? We'll walk you through some of the most important parts of planning a Halloween party so that everyone is sure to have a howling good time!


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American Horror Story Cocktails: A Toast to Terror [Printables]

by |October 10, 2022
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American Horror Story Cocktails

Halloween is an incredibly social holiday, one where you put on parties and gather with family, friends, co-workers, and the like. Sometimes, you even attend several parties so everyone can experience the holiday fun in their own way! Maybe you're taking the kids to a friend's Halloween party filled with candy and games. Perhaps you're looking forward to a watch party with other adults. But if you're searching for a selection of spooky-themed cocktails for your next adult Halloween party or AHS watch party, give a few of these American Horror Story-themed drinks a try! We made recipes to match each season, from Murder House to Double Feature, so you can have a scary good time.


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Harry Potter Cocktails: Drinks to Bewitch Your Palate

by |October 18, 2017
Categories: Fantasy, Movies


Gather ‘round, cocktail-loving cronies! We want to tell the tale of how we met Madam Cadora, the wizarding world’s most famous bartender, during a recent visit to The Three Broomsticks pub and inn. Known for serving drinks to some of the most famous and infamous witches and wizards, Madam Cadora spilled the divination tea and revealed some savory secrets about her famous past patrons.


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7 Delicious Game of Thrones Cocktails

by |June 13, 2014
Categories: Fantasy, Television



WARNING: Spoilers up to and including episode nine of season three of Game of Thrones below.


If you tell your friends and family that you are planning a Game of Thrones themed wedding, it might be a little difficult to convince them to come to it. “Oh, I’ve seen The Red Wedding,” they’ll say to themselves as they mark an emphatic NO on their RSVP before they mail it back to you. (Even Joffrey’s wedding didn’t end so well, but that can be avoided if you forgo the pigeon pie at your reception.)

So, in order to help make your Game of Thrones wedding actually fun to go to (with, uh, less...

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