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Captain America Costumes: Evolution of a Super Soldier [Infographic]

Captain America Costumes: Evolution of a Super Soldier

Captain America has worn an incredible number of costumes since the character debuted 75 years ago. These costumes typically alternated between patriotic suits and more modern military uniforms, with some notable exceptions. Of course, his appearance was ultimately in the hands of the artists and writers who worked on the Captain America and The Avengers comic book titles, often for extended periods of time. These included Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, Steve Englehart and Sal Buscema, and Mark Gruenwald, among others. In this infographic, we show how Captain America’s costume has evolved in comics, television, and film. We primarily consider the main universe or continuity, though we do briefly look at The Ultimates alternate universe because of its influences on later...

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Thinking 4th Dimensionally: Back to the Future Principal Costumes [Infographic]

Thinking 4th Dimensionally: Back to the Future


The world  may have waited 30 years only to find out that we don't have hover cars, dog walking drones, or fully-functional hoverboards (thanks a lot, Father Time!), but that doesn't mean we can't think 4th Dimensionally. Here today, just over a week away from October 21, 2015 - the day when Marty McFly, Jennifer Parker and Doc Brown famously ventured into the future in Back to the Future Part II - we have the distinct pleasure of seeing beyond our past to take stock of our "future".


In the spirit of exploring the delecate fabric of the space-time continuum, we bring you three cross-sections of time from the Back to the Future trilogy. And quite literally, we've pulled apart the threads to explore the principle costumes worn by Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and Biff Tannen throughout 1985, 1955, 2015, and 1985. Cosplayers delight - this is your source for finding the Back to the Future costume that no one else thought of for Halloween 2015! Enjoy the ride.


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Star Wars Costume Evolution: Republic Edition [Infographic]

Star Wars Costume Evolution: Republic Edition

Since our first edition of Far Far Away Fashion was so well received, the wait for a follow up might have been less than enjoyable (but still better than waiting for The Force Awakens to come out). Well, the wait is over (one of the waits, anyway...) and we're happy to present to you this Republic Edition costume guide! Straight from George Lucas's Star Wars prequels, we have broken down some of your favorite characters' main costumes.

There was a serious debate over which of Padme's 12 gazillion costume changes to include, but we tried to pick out the most memorable fashion moments. With Anakin and Obi-Wan included for good measure, we have the looks of your three favorite heroes of the Republic. Well...heroes per se. That whole Darth Vader thing with Anakin is still a bit hard to swallow.  (How did the little Ani who won our hearts with his Podracing exploits turn out to be the worst villain of all time??) You can use this infographic to check out his transformation, and it's a great way to study up on the rest of your favorite prequel looks, too!



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