Thinking 4th Dimensionally: Back to the Future Principal Costumes [Infographic]

Thinking 4th Dimensionally: Back to the Future


The world  may have waited 30 years only to find out that we don't have hover cars, dog walking drones, or fully-functional hoverboards (thanks a lot, Father Time!), but that doesn't mean we can't think 4th Dimensionally. Here today, just over a week away from October 21, 2015 - the day when Marty McFly, Jennifer Parker and Doc Brown famously ventured into the future in Back to the Future Part II - we have the distinct pleasure of seeing beyond our past to take stock of our "future".


In the spirit of exploring the delecate fabric of the space-time continuum, we bring you three cross-sections of time from the Back to the Future trilogy. And quite literally, we've pulled apart the threads to explore the principle costumes worn by Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and Biff Tannen throughout 1985, 1955, 2015, and 1985. Cosplayers delight - this is your source for finding the Back to the Future costume that no one else thought of for Halloween 2015! Enjoy the ride.


Back to the Future Costumes Infographic

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Thinking 4th Dimensionally

Back to the Future Principal Costume Progression Transcript

Back to the Future is a trilogy that bends the space-time continuum. Crossing generations, demographics, and our collective imagination, the legendary trilogy appeals to people from all walks of life through time. In celebrations of October 21, 2015—the day Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and Jennifer Parker traveled into the future—the time to think cross-dimensionally is here. Einstein (the physicist, not the dog) once said, "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." Here you can glimpse the timeless threads worn throughout the entire trilogy all at once. Call it your very own DeLorean.


Marty McFly


Back to the Future

1985—Button-up shirt, jean jacket, red puffer vest, blue jeans, white Nike sneakers, skateboard

1985/1955—Yellow hazmat suit, full-coverage mask, rubber gloves, white Nike sneakers

1955 I—Geometric print button-up shirt, two-tone leather jacket, cuffed blue jeans, black Converse high-tops,

1955 II—White button-up shirt, red skinny tie, grey checkered blazer, black slacks, black-and-white formal shoes


Back to the Future:  Part II

1985—Button-up shirt, red undershirt, black suspenders, blue jeans, white Nike sneakers

2015 I—Holographic baseball cap, red t-shirt, black-and-red leather jacket, blue jeans, Nike Air Mags, hoverboard

2015 II—Brown suit, pink button-up shirt, two neckties, age makeup/greying hair style

1955—Black fedora, black leather jacket, red t-shirt, blue jeans, white Nike sneakers, black sunglasses


Back to the Future:  Part III

1955/1885—Beige pinched cowboy hat, red bandana, pink button-up shirt with fringe, red slacks, large gold belt buckle, white Nike sneakers

1885 I—Dark brown cylindrical cowboy hat, long dark brown jacket, brown pants, brown holster belt, brown boots

1885 II—Dark brown cylindrical cowboy hat, tan onesie, brown holster belt

1885/1985—Dark brown cylindrical cowboy hat, blue bandana, poncho, brown pants, brown boots


Dr. Emmett Brown


Back to the Future

1985—White hazmat suit, full-coverage mask, rubber gloves, orange boots

1955 I—Grey smoking jacket, pale pink button-up, white necktie, black slacks, black formal shoes, Brain-Wave Analyzer

1955 II—Beige fedora, tan blazer, brown Hawaiian shirt, blue slacks, brown shoes

1955 III—White lab coat, light blue button-up shirt, grey slacks, brown shoes, goggles


Back to the Future:  Part II

1985/2015—Yellow duster jacket, yellow pants, red button-up shirt, clear necktie, black high-top sneakers with red laces, silver visor

2015—Patterned button-up shirt, cargo pants, black sneakers, silver visor

2015/1955—Black duster jacket, patterned button-up shirt, cargo pants, black sneakers

1955—Patterned shirt with black collar and cuffs, maroon pants, black shoes


Back to the Future:  Part III

1955—Yellow short-sleeve button-up shirt with cactus print, grey slacks, black shoes, beige fedora

1885 I—Brown trench coat, dark grey pants, dark grey vest, white button-up shirt, brown boots, custom Winchester rifle, dark brown pinches cowboy hat

1885 II—Green checkered jacket, brown vest, white button-up shirt, green bowtie, dark grey pants, brown boots

1885/1985—Dark brown blazer, brown gloves, dark grey pants, black shoes, black fedora, navy bowtie, brown vest


Biff Tannen


Back to the Future

1985—Navy blazer, dark orange button-up shirt, checkered slacks, dark brown shoes, longer hair style

1955 I—Short-sleeve red button-up shirt, white undershirt, black slacks, black belt, black shoes

1955 II—Short-sleeve patterned button-up shirt, white undershirt, dark blue jeans, black belt, black shoes

1955 III & IV—Grey jacket with black collar and cuffs, white t-shirt, dark blue jeans, black shoes; Grey jacket with black collar and cuffs, white button-up shirt, dark grey pants, black shoes


Back to the Future: Part II

1985 I—Green Adidas track suit, red turtle neck, navy sneakers, age makeup/greying longer hair style

2015—Red long-sleeve collared shirt, black-and-white checkered slacks, orange belt, black shoes, black cane with gold fist-shaped handle, age makeup/white hair

1985 II—Dark grey suit, light grey wide-collared button-up shirt, black shoes, gold chain necklace, receding hairline

1985 III—Navy robe, navy house shoes, handgun, receding hairline


Back to the Future: Part III

1985—Maroon sweat suit, dark maroon turtle neck, blue sneakers, age makeup/greying longer hair style


Griff & Buford


Back to the Future: Part II and III

2015—Silver helmet, gold jacket, black shirt, black pants with silver patch, silver belt, silver pointed boots, red bat

1885—Black pinched cowboy hat, grey button-up shirt, maroon bandana, dark brown pants, brown belt with gold buckle, light brown cowboy boots with spurs, long dark green jacket, handgun, light beard and mustache


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