Captain America Costumes: Evolution of a Super Soldier [Infographic]

Captain America Costumes: Evolution of a Super Soldier

Captain America has worn an incredible number of costumes since the character debuted 75 years ago. These costumes typically alternated between patriotic suits and more modern military uniforms, with some notable exceptions. Of course, his appearance was ultimately in the hands of the artists and writers who worked on the Captain America and The Avengers comic book titles, often for extended periods of time. These included Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, Steve Englehart and Sal Buscema, and Mark Gruenwald, among others. In this infographic, we show how Captain America’s costume has evolved in comics, television, and film. We primarily consider the main universe or continuity, though we do briefly look at The Ultimates alternate universe because of its influences on later appearances.

Captain America Costumes: Evolution of a Super Soldier

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Which is your favorite Captain America? Do you prefer the classic silver age suits or the modern uniforms? Or maybe one of the alternate universes? (We’re partial to Captain Hamerica of Earth-8311.) Tell us in the comments! And while you’re looking at our Captain America costumes, keep in mind that you can always turn them into alternate or obscure Cap costumes with added accessories or DIY alterations!

Design Credit: Cody Petersen

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