Clever Costume Ideas for 2012

by |October 18, 2012
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One of my favorite parts of Halloween is how it encourages creativity, and while we certainly offer a huge number of quality costumes that fit niches like pirates or gangsters, if you’re looking to think more outside the box, we also have heaps of clever costume ideas that are sure to win over the hearts and minds of those you encounter, whether you’re trick-or-treating or at the office Halloween party.


Shark Attack

Combining both the profoundly entertaining notion of Shark Week with the equally entertaining notion of acquiring chocolate from strangers, the Shark Attack Costume will ensure passersby are terrified of the ocean. But why stop there? Why not add on a Deluxe Shark Hat, too, because every shark literally wants a piece of you. Why not throw a mermaid costume into the mix?


shark attack costume idea

(Shark Attack Costume | Mermaid Costume | Shark Attack Hat)


Dictator in Hiding

Perhaps the best kind of dictator is the one that cannot be found in a large crowd, and who carries a pickaxe in case there happen to be some ores around so one can craft new weapons. Try combining the Dictator Glasses and Beard Kit with the Minecraft Pickaxe and the Waldo Peruvian Hat. It will simultaneously show off that you know precisely how to exploit your country’s population without them knowing where you are, and while the people suffer, there you are digging into the soil looking for Mithril. You could call it The Best Costume Ever.


dictator in hiding costume idea

(Dictator Glasses and Beard | Where's Waldo Hat | Minecraft Pickaxe)


Flying Monkey

If you’re the sort of person who likes monkeys, animals that fly, the Wizard of Oz, and being unique (not necessarily a eunuch), you’ll likely enjoy the Deluxe Flying Monkey Costume. See, the idea behind it is that it’s a monkey, right. But it also has wings. Because it flies.


flying monkey costume

(Flying Monkey Costume)


Insurance Lady

Americans love insurance, and further, they love saving money on insurance. If you believe that your friends and/or chocolate-giving strangers should refer to you for information on superior rates, you might like the Insurance Lady Costume.



 (Insurance Lady Costume)


Clever Costume Mash-up Ideas

It’s always fun to be tasteless during Halloween (or conversely, literally any day of the week), but for maximum reaction value it’s a good idea to mix and match costume ideas. Why not combine the USB Port & Drive Costume with the Trophy Head Oh Deer Costume? It’s incredibly suggestive but precisely what it’s trying to say is best left to someone else.


clever costume collage

(USB Port & Drive Costume | Trophy Head Oh Deer Costume)


Eccentric Pop Idol

In fact, the most clever costume ideas really just combine thematically inconsistent accessories to the costume’s original idea. It’s how pop idols go about it - well, the good ones, anyway. Why not try the Lady G Prison Dress Costume with any one of these zany hats?


eccentric pop idol

(Lady G Prison Dress | Sonic the Hedgehog Cap | Angry Birds Hat |

Sexy Pirate Hat | Dead Mau5 Hat | Perry the Platypus Headpiece)


Scary Superman

Not to suggest that masks cannot be just as good as hats, though. Because they totally can be! If your central motivation for Halloween is to terrify or provoke friends and family, the Town Scary Nun Mask goes perfectly with the Adult Authentic Superman Costume. I mean, it kind of makes you uncomfortable just picturing the two together, right? Imagine what it’s like in real life.


town superman collage

(The Town Scary Nun Mask | Authentic Superman Costume)


Rainbow Brite

Of course, some costume ideas can be clever even if they don’t have inconsistent accessories. They can even be cheery. The Adult Rainbow Brite Costume is not only incredibly hip, it will make you the light of the party.


rainbow brite(Rainbow Brite Costume)


Zombie Panda

That said, Halloween is – if I remember my Hollywood movies correctly – about monsters. Why not juxtapose the classic zombie, a never-ending reminder of both human mortality and the day-to-day routine, with adorably cuddly pandas? Seriously, why not? It’s amazing. It might be the most clever costume idea ever, and if you fancy yourself a clever person, you’d do well to consider it this Halloween.


zombie panda

 (Zombie Panda)


Getaway Princess

This year, why not dress up as a princess who doesn’t play by the rules, determined to escape from her ivory tower. Dress up as a princess in disguise by combining your favorite princess costume with a mask, sunglasses, discreet hat and, of course, you're going to need some weapons.


princess in hiding costume idea

(Elite Enchanting Princess Costume | Vegas Getaway Beard | Kiss Fire Hat | Ninja weapons)


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