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Black Bug Antennae

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Black Bug Antennae
Black Bug Antennae
Product Information

Items Included
  • Bug Antennae Headband
  • Bug Antennae Headband
  • Pom pom toppers
  • Black headband

It’s that time of year again—the annual costume party. You don’t want to make the same mistake that you made last year: wearing a costume no one recognized. You thought your portrayal of Alice Cooper was spot-on, but everyone else just thought you were a zombie. This year will be different! You’re going as a bumble bee, complete with a black-and-yellow shirt and black tutu. It’s the simplest idea ever—there’s no way anyone could mistake your costume this time, right?

But what if… what if they see they yellow and black stripes and think you’re a highway? Or a taxi? Or a jar of mustard? Or a retro Batman? It will be like the Great Costume Party Disaster of ’15 all over again. You can’t let that happen! How will you be able to show your face again after two costume debacles? You’ll have to move, find a new job, probably change your name…

You better buy our Women’s Black Insect Antenna, just to be safe. The black headband comes with pom pom toppers and makes it undeniably clear that you are, in fact, dressing up as an insect. It’s a small purchase that will no doubt save your costume—and perhaps your very way of life. Can you think of a better investment for less than $10? We didn’t think so.

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Five Stars
     By Current Customer / November 17, 2018
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black antenna
     By Current Customer / January 1, 2016
great accessory. great addition to the costume.
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