Vampire Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

by |June 23, 2011

Vampires are everywhere. There’s the traditional Dracula, the romance-ridden Edward Cullen, the lusty and suave Bill, Eric, and Jessica from “True Blood,” the horrifying killers from “30 Days of Night,” and many more. They may have very different personalities, but they all share some common characteristics in their appearance. This video tutorial from our makeup expert shows you how to get that classic vampire look:

What you need: white, black, and red cream makeup, fake blood, a green pencil, cotton swabs, and standard nylon brushes. We used this Modern Vampire makeup kit.



  • Use a green eyeliner pencil to draw dark veins on your forehead, cheek, and neck. Make sure to draw the lines on darker than what you would think. Seriously, dark.
  • Begin applying the white cream makeup all over your face with a large, flat nylon brush. Use a thin layer – a little bit goes a long way.
  • Blend all over your face, over the veins, over everything. This will give the veins a subtle, creepy look.



  • Use a smaller, flat nylon brush to apply the black cream makeup over your eyelids, contouring at the edges to create a smoky eye. 
  • Add some black cream makeup on your bottom lash line for a more dramatic look.
  • With a small brush, add black cream makeup to fill in your eyebrows. Use the brush to blend them and a cotton swab to soften the lines for a more natural look.

Vampire Makeup Tutorial



  • Apply a small amount of the black cream makeup to your cheekbones. Blend with your fingers to create a dramatic, contoured look.



  • Use the fine, nylon brush to apply red cream makeup to your lips.
  • Line your lips with a little bit of the black cream makeup and blend in.
  • Add little drops of fake blood by your mouth and on your neck.



  • Wear a black wig, fangs, and pick a costume to go with your vampire makeup! Any of these vampire costumes would look great at a Halloween party or masquerade.

Vampire Costume Makeup Tutorial

MaDonna Flowers
MaDonna Flowers

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